International journal of applied engineering and technology    

Vol. 5 No. 4 (December, 2023)

1. Properties of Functional Heating Paint using Activated Clay for Indoor Air Quality

Author:  Lee, Jeon-Ho                                                      DOWNLOAD                                                                  
Date of Submission: 04th September 2023                       Revised: 18th October 2023                     Accepted: 02nd November 2023   

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Lee, Jeon-Ho, (2023), Properties of Functional Heating Paint using Activated Clay for Indoor Air Quality, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 1-6. 

2. Physical Properties of Clc Based on Mixing Ratio of Silica Sand

Author:  Lee, Sang-Soo                                            DOWNLOAD                                                                
Date of Submission: 06th September 2023                       Revised: 15th October 2023                     Accepted: 03rd November 2023   

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Lee, Sang-Soo, (2023), Physical Properties of Clc Based on Mixing Ratio of Silica Sand, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 7-14. 

3. Development of Smart Bags Using E-Paper Reflecting the Characteristics of Mz Generation

Author:  Heeji Choi and Youn-Hee Kim                                              DOWNLOAD                                                                    
Date of Submission: 07th September 2023                       Revised: 17th October 2023                     Accepted: 03rd November 2023   

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Heeji Choi and Youn-Hee Kim., (2023), Development of Smart Bags Using E-Paper Reflecting the Characteristics of Mz Generation, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 15-25.  

4. Development of Smart Fashion System for Interaction between Humans and Dogs

Author:  You-Kyung Oh and Youn-Hee Kim                                               DOWNLOAD                                                                            
Date of Submission: 09th September 2023                       Revised: 17th October 2023                     Accepted: 04th November 2023   

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You-Kyung Oh and Youn-Hee Kim, (2023), Development of Smart Fashion System for Interaction between Humans and Dogs, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 26-35. 

5. Development of a Micro-Learning Video on the Use of Libraries for Users of Local University Libraries in China

Author:  Jie Zeng and Thosporn Sangsawang                                                       DOWNLOAD                                              

Date of Submission: 10th September 2023                       Revised: 18th October 2023                     Accepted: 04th November 2023 

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Jihye Kim,(2023), Development of Buried Side Molds for Precise FCP Side Geometry, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 36-41.  

6. A Study on the Use of Eco-Tech in the Space Design of Coastal Hotels

Author:  Li Suhui and Cho Joung Hyung                                 DOWNLOAD                                                            
Date of Submission: 12th September 2023                       Revised: 19th October 2023                     Accepted: 06th November 2023   

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Li Suhui and Cho Joung Hyung, (2023), A Study on the Use of Eco-Tech in the Space Design of Coastal Hotels, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 42-49.  

7. A Study on the Streaming Fraud in Online Music Platforms: Focused on Actor Network Theory (ANT)

Author:  Il Yong Lee and Seungyon-Seny Lee                                   DOWNLOAD                                                          
Date of Submission: 16th September 2023                       Revised: 24th October 2023                     Accepted: 20th November 2023   

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Il Yong Lee and Seungyon-Seny Lee, (2023), A Study on the Streaming Fraud in Online Music Platforms: Focused on Actor Network Theory (ANT), International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 50-58.  

8. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Analytical Approaches to Assist Software Project Managers: Dashboard

Author:  Nana Kwame Gyamfi, Adam Amril Jaharadak and Haslinda Sutan Ahmad Nawi         DOWNLOAD                                                     
Date of Submission: 19th September 2023                       Revised: 24th October 2023                     Accepted: 23rd November 2023   

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Nana Kwame Gyamfi and Adam Amril Jaharadak, (2023), Machine Learning and Deep Learning Analytical Approaches to Assist Software Project Managers: Dashboard, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 59-68. 

9. A Study on the Living Lab Utilization Plan for the Creation of a Smart City in Naepo New Town in Korea

Author:  Jae Hwan Kim, Seo Hee Kim*, Hee Cheol Shim and Tae Geun Kim                  DOWNLOAD                                                     
Date of Submission: 19th September 2023                       Revised: 26th October 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023   

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Jae Hwan Kim, (2023), A Study on the Living Lab Utilization Plan for the Creation of a Smart City in Naepo New Town in Korea, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 69-80.   

10. Artificial Intelligence Composition System Applying the Translation Process of Actor Network Theory

Author:  Yeongshin Choi and Seungyon-Seny Lee                                       DOWNLOAD                                              
Date of Submission: 21st September 2023                       Revised: 30th October 2023                     Accepted: 26th November 2023   

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Yeongshin Choi and Seungyon-Seny Lee, (2023), Artificial Intelligence Composition System Applying the Translation Process of Actor Network Theory, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 81-88. 

11. A Study of Measures to Improve Construction Site Safety Management in Preparation of Heat Waves Caused By Climate Change

Author:  Donghoon Lee                                                                DOWNLOAD                 
Date of Submission: 24th September 2023                       Revised: 30th October 2023                     Accepted: 28th November 2023   

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Donghoon Lee, (2023), A Study of Measures to Improve Construction Site Safety Management in Preparation of Heat Waves Caused By Climate Change, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 89-96. 

12. Development of Buried Side Molds for Precise FCP Side Geometry

Author:  Jihye Kim                                                                                DOWNLOAD      
Date of Submission: 27th September 2023                       Revised: 05th October 2023                     Accepted: 29th November 2023   

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Jihye Kim,(2023), Development of Buried Side Molds for Precise FCP Side Geometry, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 97-103.  

13. Predicting the Passage of Bill Using Machine Learning: Big Data Analysis of Factors Influencing the Probablility of Passage of Bill

Author:  Sunchoon Park                                                            DOWNLOAD                                        
Date of Submission: 30th September 2023                       Revised: 20th October 2023                     Accepted: 05th November 2023   

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Sunchoon Park, (2023), Predicting the Passage of Bill Using Machine Learning: Big Data Analysis of Factors Influencing the Probability of Passage of Bill, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 104-109.  

14. Construction of an Evaluation System for Micro-Video Teaching Resources in Chinese Folk Traditional Crafts

Author:  Yi Shen                                                                     DOWNLOAD                                                          
Date of Submission: 01st October 2023                       Revised: 24th October 2023                     Accepted: 05th November 2023 

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Yi Shen, (2023), Construction of an Evaluation System for Micro-Video Teaching Resources in Chinese Folk Traditional Crafts, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 110-120.  

15. Lung Image Generation based on Layered Two-Stages Generative Adversarial Networks

Author:  Wanle Chi, Yunhuoy Choo, Yogan Jaya Kumar and Shunda Cai                                                    DOWNLOAD                                                                                                    
Date of Submission: 21st October 2023                       Revised: 12th November 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023 

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Wanle Chi, Yunhuoy Choo, Yogan Jaya Kumar and Shunda Cai(2023). Lung Image Generation based on Layered Two-Stages Generative Adversarial Networks. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 5(1), pp.121-127.

16. Strengthening Mathematical Learning in Children under 8 Years of Age in Peru: Development of a Specialized Mobile Application

Author:  Lida Violeta Asencios-Trujillo                                             DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                      
Date of Submission: 21st September 2023                       Revised: 03rd November 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023 

How to Cite:

Lida Violeta Asencios-Trujillo,  Lucia Asencios-Trujillo, Carlos Jacinto La-Rosa-Longobardi,  Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza and Cristina Piñas-Livia (2023), Strengthening mathematical learning in children under 8 years of age in Peru: Development of a specialized mobile application, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp.128-132.

17. Integrating Markov Chain and Cellular Automata Models in GIS to Monitor and Predict Land Use and Cover Change in Rabigh City, Saudi Arabia

Author:  Layla Aljehani                                                              DOWNLOAD                                                                                                   
Date of Submission: 21st September 2023                       Revised: 12th November 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023 

How to Cite:

Layla Aljehani (2023). Integrating Markov Chain and Cellular Automata Models in GIS to Monitor and Predict Land Use and Cover Change in Rabigh City, Saudi Arabia, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp.133-141.

18. Corn Peeling and Coarse Grinding Machine to Make Chicken Feed

Author:  Whangkuanklang, V.                                          DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                    
Date of Submission: 21st September 2023                       Revised: 12th November 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023 

How to Cite:

Whangkuanklang, V., Siangdang, Y., Supamattra, S., Watcharinrat, D., Phasinam, K. and Akkarakultron, P. (2023). Corn Peeling and Coarse Grinding Machine to Make Chicken Feed. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp. 142-146. 

19. Optimizing ZSG-DEA for Provincial Carbon Quota Allocation: A Decision-Maker's Approach

Author:  Chen Chen et. al.                                     DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                  
Date of Submission: 21st September 2023                       Revised: 12th November 2023                     Accepted: 24th November 2023 

How to Cite:

Chen Chen and Boi-Yee Liao (2023). Optimizing ZSG-DEA for Provincial Carbon Quota Allocation: A Decision-maker's Approach. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp.147-150. 

20. Impact of Financial and Economic Reforms on Capital Market Development In India: Back to Basics

Author:  Arjun Mittal, Anand Mittal                                   DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                  
Date of Submission: 12th October 2023                       Revised: 16th November 2023                            Accepted: 29th November 2023

How to Cite:

Mittal and Mittal (2023), Impact of Financial and Economic Reforms on Capital Market Development in India: Back to Basics, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology, 5(4), pp.151-170

21. The Framing Effect on Manager’s Judgment of Negotiated Transfer Pricing in a Technological Era
Author:  I Made Darsana
Page No. 171 – 177 

22. Farmers Satisfaction on Coffee Rejuvenation, Harvesting & Drying Techniques Tool Kit
Author: Robert A. Rodolfo
Page No. 178 – 188

23. Design and Implementation of Real Time Assistive Device for Blind People Using Object Recognition
Author:  Hawraa Kamil Abbas and Ammar Ibrahim Majeed
Page No. 189 – 198

24. Natural Potability Competence of Ground Water Under the Influence of Different Soil Types
Author:  Abhilash N R and Rumpa Sarkhel
Page No. 199 – 205

25. E-Marketplace System to Elevate Product Distribution of Community Enterprise Entrepreneurs in Udon Thani Province
Author:  Natcha Wattanaprapa, Thanakorn Uiphanich and Phachaya Chaiwchan
Page No. 206 - 216

26. Innovative Factors’ Influencing to Azerbaijan National Economy Transformation
Author:  DSc. Gulshen Zahid Qizi Yuzbashiyeva, PhD. Samira Huseyn Qizi Abasova and PhD. Israfil Habib Oglu Yuzbashiyev
Page No. 217 - 227

27. Effectiveness of Flipped Learning Among Students
Author:  Niranchana Priya Viswanathan and Dr. S. Arun Kumar
Page No. 228 – 235

28. Corporate Social Responsibility of Major Public and Private Companies in Energy Sector of India
Author:  Lal, S, Shankar and Arora, A, Mehak
Page No. 236 – 248

29. Consumer Protection and Sustainable Consumption
Author:  Dr Caroleena Janefer, Dr Bharathi, Ms Saritha Crasta and Mr Akshith Kumar 
Page No. 249 – 254

30. An Inquisition of Job Satisfaction in Remote Working from Employee’s Perspective
Author:  Balaji. K and Dr. G. Udayasuriyan
Page No. 255 – 261

31Spiritual Wellness Contribution Towards The Corporate’s Wellbeing in Chennai – Southern Region
Author:  A. Ashwini and G. Udayasuriyan
Page No. 262 – 269

32Health Care Infrastructure Facilities in India
Author:  Dr. S. Sathiya Bama
Page No. 270 – 273

33Gap Between Emotional Intelligence and Employability in Higher Education: An Empirical Study on Skill Acquisition
Author:  Lalitha. M, Professor Ravi. J and Dr. Uma Reddy. E
Page No. 274 – 278

34Online Shoppers’ Affinity Towards Personalized Product Recomendation
Author:  Dr. R. Uma
Page No. 279 – 285

35Charting Fintech's Path: Lendingkart and Capital Float in Banking Synergy
Author:  Dr. Yuvika Midha
Page No. 286 – 295

36Women Lawyers Stress Management: Issues and Challenges
Author:  R. Sumonthini Prathipa and Dr. S. Hannah Sharon
Page No. 296 - 298

37Securing Data Infrastructures with Ai-Powered Solutions
Author:  Shubhodip Sasmal
Page No. 299 – 307

38Enhanced Technique for Landuse Classification in Agriculture with Satellite Data Using Deep Learning
Author:  Shalini Bhadola and Dr. Kavita Rathi
Page No. 308 – 329

39Impact of Hatha Yoga Sadhana and Natya Yoga   Training on Mood States among Men and Women
Author:  K. Lalitha Priya, Dr. D. Devaki and Dr. W. Vinu
Page No. 330 - 335

40Identification of a Personal Energy Homeostasis for Disease Prediction Using Energy Measurements
Author:  Sarika G and Dr. S. Palanikumar
Page No. 336 – 344

41. Social Capital and Teaching Ability Among Student Teachers
Author:  Mrs. T. Niresha and Dr. S. Malathi
Page No. 345 – 351

42Stock Price Prediction Using Machine Learning
Author:  Rakshit Rana, Shiva Singh, Shivam Pundir, Swati Sharma and Preksha Pratap
Page No. 352 - 362

43Unveiling the Significance of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Classrooms: A Comprehensive Analysis
Author:  Dr. Deepika S. Joshi and Mr. Bhanu Bisht
Page No. 363 - 366

44Lightweight and Strong: Exploring the Potential of Metal Matrix Composites
Author:  Ashwini Kumar and Shailandra Kumar Prasad
Page No. 367 - 378

45A Survey on Convolutional Neural Networks Frameworks on Electroencephalography Data
Author:  Sneha Mishra and Umesh Chandra Jaiswal
Page No. 379 – 389

46Exploring the Role Of Mobile-Based Local Tourism to Promote Its Potential: The Policy Makers’ Perception
Author:  Yanto Heryanto, Nursahidin and Sri Wulandari
Page No. 390 - 397

47A Real Time IoT Enabled Solar Powered Environmental Monitoring System
Author:  Gude Ramarao, S. Gopalakrishna, E. Jyothi Prakash and A. Ravi
Page No. 398 – 406

48A Comprehensive Survey of Semantic Text Similarity Methods: Highlighting the Need for a Hindi-English Text Similarity System
Author:  Sharayu Mane, Durgesh Bhadane, Janhavi Jadhav, Vandana Pabale and Madhu Nashipudimath
Page No. 407 – 413

49The Art and Science of Posture Assessment: Exploring Methods and Advancements
Author:  Sunil Nayak, Tejas V. Shah and Deepali H. Shah
Page No. 414 – 426

50Analysis of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques For Emotion Recognition Using English Text
Author:  Abhishek A. Vichare and Satishkumar L. Varma
Page No. 427 – 442

51Sustainable Business Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility
Author:  Dr. Brototi Mistri and Dr. Manav Agrawal
Page No. 443 – 448

52A Neural Network Technique Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Predicting Short-Term Electricity Load
Author:  Mandeep Singh, Dr. Raman Maini and Dr. Jasvir Singh
Page No. 449 – 458

53Design of Low-Profile Broad Band Antenna for IoT Applications
Author:  Rajeev Shankar Pathak, Sadhana Mishra and Vinod Kumar Singh
Page No. 459 – 464

54Finite Element Analysis of Femur Bone Under Transient Loading Conditions
Author:  Mayur Sunil Kharade and Richa Agrawal
Page No. 465 – 475

55A Generic Approach to Eliminate Child Labour in Mica Mining
Author:  Sonia Mahendra Pol
Page No. 476 – 486

56Deep Architecture for Diagnosis of Pneumonia in Thoracic Images
Author:  Kanchan R. Dabre and Satishkumar L. Varma
Page No. 487 – 495

57Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Swish Activation Function
Author:  Aditeya Varma, Anshul Rehpade, Riya Agarwal, Sakshi Kinikar, Namita D. Pulgam and Tabassum Maktum
Page No. 496 – 509

58Smart Multi-Purpose Disaster Management Kit Configured by Design Thinking Approach for Community Use
Author:  Aslekar Ketan Sakharam, Karthik Nagarajan and Prof. R. P. Narwade
Page No. 510 - 524

59Determination of Sizes of Fe3o4 Nanoparticles: Results of Comparative X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and  Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) Studies
Author:  Swapnil S Sagare, P.S. Goyal, Sundeep H Deulkar, Deepali Shrivastava, Ashwani Kumar and Debasis Sen
Page No. 525 – 531

60Research on Architects’ Experiences Designing Playgrounds with Child Participation in a Save the Children Play-Space Project in South Korea
Author:  Hyun-sun, Park and Soon-gyu, Kim
Page No. 532 – 541

61Dementia Awareness and Attitude Change among Residents in Vulnerable Rural Areas; Performance of a Pilot Project to Improve Dementia Awareness to Strengthen Accessibility
Author:  Kim Hyun Li and Liping Ren
Page No. 542 – 552

62Click-Through Rates and Consumer Satisfaction: A Pilot Study Analyzing the Preferences of South Korean Online News Consumers
Author:  Eunchan Kim, Kwangtek Na, Byungjoon Yoo and Yeunwoong Kyung
Page No. 553 – 568

63Effect of Dental Hygiene Students' Self-Efficacy on Empathy for the Elderly: Focus on the Mediating Effect of Communication Skills
Author:  Kyeung-Ae Jang
Page No. 569 – 576

64Pest-Swot Analysis of Sustainable Coastal Fishing Village in the Covid-19 Outbreak - Focusing on Daehang Fishing Village in Busan
Author:  Li Suhui and Cho Joung Hyung
Page No. 577 – 589

65The Effect of University Trust Culture on the Perception of Organizational Fairness - Through the Leadership of Department Heads
Author:  Eun Joo Kim
Page No. 590 – 606

66Securing Financial Soundness of Sport National Governing Bodies through Sport- Mécénat of Companies
Author:  YongKoo Noh and Kyongmin Lee
Page No. 607 – 621

67Urban Park Revitalization for Urban Marketing: A Case Study
Author:  Hwa Yeol Choi and Yeon Jeong Song
Page No. 622 - 639

68Effective Distribution Channel in Online Shopping to Reaching Out the Target Customers
Author:  Mr. P. Anbarasan and Dr. Magdalene Peter
Page No. 640 – 644

69Empirical Review of Food Safety Training & Certification (FOSTAC) Program on Catering Sector Food Handlers in India: A Mixed Research Study
Author:  Dr. Deepa Prasad Venkatraman and Puneet Basson
Page No. 645 – 658

701D-Convolution Neural Network for Transformer Core Fault Identification
Author:  Priyanka Tiwari, Shweta Singh, Naresh B, Shirish Jain and Anand Goswami  
Page No. 659 – 669

71Comprehending the Relation Between Emotional Quotient and Teacher’s Effectiveness amongst College Teachers
Author:  Mr. Mohitkumar R. Sharma and Dr. Ashok Luhar  
Page No. 670 – 672

72Segmentation Procedure and Disease Detection of Brain Tumor MRI Image Using CNN And 2D- DWT Approach
Author:  Mrs. Prerana A. Wankhede  and  Dr. Swati R. Dixit
Page No. 673 – 688

73D1ftbc Framework for Cloud Data Transactions
Author:  Dr. J. Antony John Prabu and Dr. V. A. Jane
Page No. 689 – 699

74Exploring the Transformative Frontier: Bridging Dimensions with 2D to 3D Splitters in Contemporary Research
Author:  Beno Selastin
Page No. 700 – 704

75Keypad and Smartphone Based Digital Door Lock
Author:  Anand Unnikrishnan, Anto Sen, Astitva Anant, Ahmed Uzair and Ruchi Harchandani
Page No. 705 – 713

76Development of Single Axis Solar (PV) Tracker and its Thermal Analysis
Author:  Niteshkumar Ramkumar Choudhary, Pruthviraj Pratap Rahane and Dr. Divya Padmanabhan
Page No. 714 – 724

77Experimental Investigation of Advanced Smart Concrete Curing by Application of Internet of Things (IOT) Technology
Author:  Dr. Karthik Nagarajan, Mr. Raju Narwade and Mrs. Sheetal Kedar Zambare
Page No. 725 – 739

78Indian Sign Language Recognition using Hand-Pose Key Points and Transfer Learning
Author:  Shilpa Ingoley and Jagdish Bakal
Page No. 740 – 747

79Design and Control of Lorentz Force Micro Actuator
Author:  Kumar Ravi Shanker and Dr. Priam Pillai
Page No. 748 – 757

80Climato: Climate Change Awareness Game for Promoting Environmental Education and Behavior
Author:  R. P. Vansdadiya, P. R. Gondaliya and N. H. Vasoya
Page No. 758 – 763

81Design and Development of an Annular Ring Dual Hexagonal Slotted Flexible Antenna for Ultra Wide Band Applications
Author:  Garima Singh, Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Ompal and Vinod Kumar Singh
Page No. 764 – 772

82Artificial Neural Network for Synthesis and Optimization of Quad Circle Slotted Textile Antenna
Author:  Neetendra Kumar and Vyom Kulshreshtha
Page No. 773 – 779

83Analyzing Street Vendors' Awareness of CRM Techniques
Author:  Ms. Saba Shaikh and Dr. Ashok Luhar
Page No. 780 – 787

84Emotional Quotient and Performance of School Students and Teachers
Author:  Mr. Mohitkumar R. Sharma and Dr. Ashok Luhar
Page No. 788 – 790

85Gender and Green Spaces: A Mixed-Method Exploration of Women's Usage of Urban Green Spaces
Author:  Manoj Panwar and Pooja Chaudhary
Page No. 791 – 806

86Role of Homemaker in Middle Class Families to Support Financial Planning in Mira Bhayandar Muncipal Corporation
Author:  Ms. Laxmidevi R. Gupta and Dr. Ashok Luhar
Page No. 807 – 812

87Impact of Financial Stress on Middles Class Families Health in Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation
Author:  Ms. Laxmidevi R. Gupta and Dr. Ashok Luhar
Page No. 813 – 817

88The Popularity of the Social Health Insurance Schemes: Experience from the Indian Health Insurance Sector
Author:  Mr. Rathindranath Banerjee and Dr. S Anjani Devi
Page No. 818 – 823

89Adaptive Algorithms form the Basis for Implementing Multipath Routing in Internet of Things (IoT) Networks
Author:  Dr.Reena Pingale and Dr. S. N. Shinde
Page No. 824 - 833

90Block Chain NFT Marketplace for Content Creators
Author:  Dr. Gayatri Vijayendra Bachhav, Dr. Alam N. Shaikh, Mr. Aryan Shaikh and Ms. Ahana Shaikh
Page No. 834 – 840

91ARS-PRE: Authenticated Revocable Symmetric Proxy Re-Encryption for Blockchain-Based EHR Sharing
Author:  Gajala Praveen, Piyush Kumar Singh and Prabhat Ranjan
Page No. 841 - 856

92The Agronomic Performance of Shallots Due to the Time of Vernalization and the Dose of Chicken Manure
Author:  Lia Amalia, Endeh Masnenah, Nunung Sondari, Ai Komariah, R. Budiasih, Noertjahyani and Ani Rohani
Page No. 857 – 865

93Effect of Triple Bottom Line on Sustainable Operations
Author:  Dr. J Krithika, Nithya Sree R and Sneha C J
Page No. 866 – 874

94Boosting Student Motivation: An Application of a Games & Environmental Education Technology Model in Hydrocarbon and Petroleum Studies
Author:  R. Sihadi Darmo Wihardjo, Suwanda and Ayub Muktiono
Page No. 875 – 886

95Unraveling the Mathematics of General Relativity: From Einstein's Equations to Cosmological Consequences
Author:  Dr. Mrs. Devyani Raut, Ms. Aryani Gangadhara and Dr. A. F. Siddiqui
Page No. 887 – 898

96Flutamide@Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex for Improved Prostate Cancer Treatment
Author:  Mohamed Amresh, Sangeetha S and Dr. Lavanya Prathap
Page No. 899 – 904

97Biofilm Inhibition and Growth Inhibitory Activity of Actinomycetes Extract on Staphylococcus Mutants
Author:  A. S. Arjun, Sangeetha S, Dr. Meenakshisundaram Kishore Kumar and Dr. Lavanya Prathap
Page No. 905 – 911

98Development of Nanohydroxyapatite and Curcumin Based Bilayer Scaffold for Periodontitis Treatment
Author:  Hirshasri, Mrs. S. Sangeetha and Dr. Lavanya Prathap
Page No. 912 – 918

99Development of Nanohydroxyapetite and Curcumin Based Injectable Hydrogel for Periodontitis Treatment
Author:  Juvairiya Fathima I, Sangeetha S and Dr. Lavanya Prathap
Page No. 919 – 926

100Antimicrobial Activity of Actinomycetes Extract Against Staphylococcus Aureus and its Safety Evaluation on Vero Cells
Author:  Naaziya M, Sangeetha S, Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram and Dr. Lavanya Prathap
Page No. 927 – 931

101TextStegoHYB-Secured Way of Information Hiding
Author:  Mr. Yogesh N. Chaudhari and Dr. Bhojraj H. Barhate
Page No. 932 – 938

102Enhancing Geographic Education: Integrating Geographic Information Systems in the Classroom
Author:  Ing. Luz Stella Castillo Abella, Dr. Edier Hernán Bustos and Dr. Jaime Duván Reyes Roncancio
Page No. 939 – 945

103Producing MGO From Sea Water, a Design Study for a Plant Using Arabic Gulf Sea Water Mixed with Calcined Dolomite 
Author:  Dr. Faez Alkathili
Page No. 946 - 966

104Deploying a Data Science Model to Build a TN_DS_TRANS App for Translating all the TN Government Files in English to Tamil
Author:  Dr. I. Priya Stella Mary
Page No. 967 – 974

105ZnO NPS Loaded / Kappa-Carrageenan Film for Protection Against UV-Radiations
Author:  Aniteshma Chanpuria, M. Bajpai, S. K. Bajpai and Seema Tiwari
Page No. 975 – 987

106Development of Real Time High Speed Data Acquisition Systems for Underwater Flow Noise Measurement
Author:  CH. Swathi, B. Naveen, S.V. Jagadeesh Chandra, Y. Srinivasa Rao and D.V. Rama Koti Reddy
Page No. 988 – 994

107Deep Learning For Medicinal Plant Leaf Classification: A Hybrid Approach
Author:  S Uma, Sandhya C and V Padmapriya
Page No. 995 – 1005

108Combining the LSTM Algorithm and Stacking Technique in Machine Learning to Improve Disease Prediction Ability
Author:  Vo Hoang Khang and Nguyen Dinh Thuan
Page No. 1006 – 1019

109Topology Optimization of Hand Brake Lever Using Numerical and Experimental Approach
Author:  Avilasha B. G. and Dr. Ramakrishna D.S.
Page No. 1020 – 1029

110Effect of Different Salicylic Acid Concentrations on Guggulsterone Z  Biosynthesis in Commiphora Wightii
Author:  Aditi Panpalia and Khushbu Verma
Page No. 1030 – 1042

111Phytoremediation of Textile Wastewater Using Aquatic Free-Floating Plant: A Sustainable Approach for Water Treatment
Author:  Saumya Gupta and Khushbu Verma
Page No. 1043 – 1048

112Ligand-Assisted Adsorption of Cr(III) Ions on Modified Nano-Adsorbents
Author:  Mohd. Tousif Ahmed and Naseem
Page No. 1049 – 1058

113Self-Driving Car Using Image Processing and Yolo V5
Author:  Sunita Ugale, Dinesh Chandwadkar and Sakshat Erande
Page No. 1059 – 1068

114Robustness Evaluation of Several Fractional Order Autotuners for Industrial Processes
Author:  Cristina I. Muresan, Isabela R. Birs, Marcian Mihai and Robain De Keyser
Page No. 1069 – 1079

115Aero-Pad : The Next Generation Air Traffic Control System for Managing Indian Airspace
Author:  Gurprit Singh and Ampu Harikrishnan
Page No. 1080 – 1096

116Techno-Economic analysis of 3D Printing of Concrete for Industrialization: A Comparative Study between AAC Blocks and 3D Printed Elements Construction
Author:  Udugula Praveen Goud and Dr. Prashant S. Lanjewar
Page No. 1097 – 1105

117Controlled Fabrication of Flexible ZnO thin Film Piezo-Electric based Pressure Sensor Using DC Magnetron Sputtering
Author:  Paramaguru PV, Maheswaran R and Muruganand S
Page No. 1106 – 1113

118Speech Emotion Recognition Using Librosa
Author:  Ritul Kumar Choudhari, Piyush kumar, K. Prudhvi Pratap, Dr. F. Antony Xavier Bronson and Dr. D. Usha
Page No. 1114 – 1119

119Deep Learning Operations by Elephant Herd and Bat Algorithm for IoT Intrusion Detection
Author:  Diwakar Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Pritaj Yadav and Mrs. Kanchan Jha
Page No. 1120 - 1129

120Image Steganography Using Center Pixel Offset Based LSB Embedding Scheme
Author:  Abhijit S. Mali and Manoj M. Dongre
Page No. 1130 – 1137

121Primary Screening of Bioactive Molecules from Cyanobacteria
Author:  Richa Gupta, Dinesh Kumar and Pankaj Kumar Rai
Page No. 1138 – 1141

122A New Lifetime Distribution with Properties and Applications
Author:  Pratima Rai, Kamlesh Kumar Dubey and Sandeep Kumar Maurya
Page No. 1142 – 1151

123Custodial Violence: Gradual Demise of Rule of Law
Author:  Simmi Pal and Dhanajay Kumar Mishra
Page No. 1152 – 1157

124Evaluating Basic Performance Metrics of Sip Load Balancers: A Statistical Approach
Author:  M. Vijaya Kanth and Dr. D.Vasumathi
Page No. 1158 – 1165

125Developing a Paradigm in Covert Communication using Reference Model and Protocol Channels for IPV4
Author:  Shashikant Sukalal Mahajan and Dr. Sunil Arvind Patekar
Page No. 1166 – 1176

126Youth Migration Trends Vs. IT Jobs Opportunities: Case Study of North Macedonia
Author:  Fitim Besimi, Benjamin Besimi and Adrian Besimi
Page No. 1177 – 1184

127Study of Interfacial Magnetic Anisotropy in Spintronics: Mos2 thin Flakes on Nano-thin Films of Ni80fe20
Author:  Mithilesh Kumar Kamati, Sanjeev Kumar Nirala, Dr. Deepak Kumar
Page No. 1185 – 1188

128Criminal Liability for Errors During Remote Litigation Via Live Broadcasting
Author:  Mohammd Ali G. Zuraib
Page No. 1189 – 1195

129Criminal Offenses During Education - E-Learning as a Model - or Punishment, and Similar Behavioral Situations within Customary Limits
Author:  Mohammd Ali G. Zuraib
Page No. 1196 – 1201

130Multiple inclined jet cooling Heat transfer analysis on a targets
Author:  Sunil B. Ingole
Page No. 1202 – 1208

131Analytical and Experimental Study of Twin Block Railway Concrete Sleeper with Static Loading
Author:  Abhishek Shrivastava, Dr. G. Shravan Kumar and Dr. Jyoti Yadav
Page No. 1209 – 1213

132FEM Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Sleeper with Addition of Elastomeric Bearing in Rail Seat
Author:  Abhishek Shrivastava,   Dr. G. Shravan Kumar and Dr. Jyoti Yadav
Page No. 1214 – 1219

133Assessing the Concentrations of Some Heavy Metals in Blood Samples of Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Baghdad City
Author:  Ezzuldin Abdulkareem Sulaiman and Hind Suhail Abdulhay
Page No. 1220 – 1229

134Recommendation System using Hybrid Similarity Measure
Author:  Dr. Vimalkumar B. Vaghela
Page No. 1230 – 1236

135Towards Classification of Cyber-attacks in Application Level for Internet of Things Devices
Author:  Amit Kumar Harichandan, Biswajit Brahma and Minati Mishra
Page No. 1237 – 1247

136A study related to Individual investor perception towards investment options available to them in Mumbai (India)
Author:  CA Monica Lodha and Dr. (CA). Mahesh Bhiwandikar
Page No. 1248 - 1254

137A Study on the Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of In718 Processed through Laser Direct Energy Deposition and Conventional Casting
Author:  Bhushandada Sandipan Navgire, Vivek Kumar Singh, Sushil Mishra and Divya Padmanabhan
Page No. 1255 – 1265

138Attention-Enhanced Residual U-Net for Nucleus Segmentation in Immunohistochemistry Images
Author:  Stephy Benny and Satishkumar L. Varma
Page No. 1266 – 1283

139Recent Developments & the Function of Nanofluids in Photovoltaic (PVT) System
Author:  Fahim Sheikh, P. M. Ardhapurkar and S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. 1284 – 1306

140Novel N-Heterocycles Acting as Genomic Mutagens
Author:  Megha Sunil Kulkarni and Dr. Arti Shanware
Page No. 1307 – 1322

141Design, Development of Polyherbal Nano Formulation - In Silico And in Vitro Studies
Author:  M. Vidyavathi, T.Srisai Monika and DV Sowmya
Page No. 1323 – 1343

142Digital Academic Passport: Elevating College Operations
Author:  Deshpande, M., Patil, S., Lokhande, C. and Shirude, N. 
Page No. 1344 – 1352

143Intellectual Play with Kids: Building an Interactive Toy by Using LSTM Model
Author:  Dhanush S, Reema Ayeli, Monika K M, Murli Raghavendra C S and Alpha Vijayan
Page No. 1353 – 1360

144Development of Solar Dryer
Author:  Rohit P Sujin, Tanmay Dharmaji Mhatre, Meeta S. Vedpathak and Dr. Sandeep M. Joshi
Page No. 1361 – 1376

145Preserving Privacy: A Cornerstone for Achieving Universal Health Coverage in India's Digital Era
Author:  Niharika Raizada and Prof. (Dr.) Mamata Biswal
Page No. 1377 – 1385

146Machine Learning Insights for Precision Agriculture: Comparative Analysis in Wheat Rust Detection
Author:  Dr. Yashwant Arjunrao Waykar and Dr. Sucheta S. Yambal
Page No. 1386 – 1397

147A  Comparative Study on the Preponderance of Complaints of Violence Against Women in India
Author:  Pohane Deepali Dnyaeshwar and Dr. Veena Ramji Raut
Page No. 1398 – 1405

148Experimental Investigation on Fluid Flow Behavior and Convective Heat Transfer Performance of Water, Ethylene Glycol-Based Zinc Oxide Nanofluid in Air Finned Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Author:  Nitin Mahay and Raj Kumar Yadav
Page No. 1406 – 1427

149Preprocessing of Images Captured from CCTV Video Using Filtering Techniques
Author:  S. Nishanthi and Dr. S. Santhosh Baboo
Page No. 1428 – 1442

150Improvement of Water Flux with Date Palm Reinforcement in Composite Membranes
Author:  Jweshvari Vidyadhar Tupe, Divya Padmanabhan and S. M. Khot
Page No. 1443 – 1454

151Strongest Intuitionistic Anti Fuzzy Bg-Ideals in Bg-Algebra
Author:  R. Rashma and K.R. Sobha
Page No. 1455 – 1460

152Exploring the Impact of Geopathic Stress on Human Body Temperature and Road Accidents: A Comprehensive Investigation
Author:  Dipak Kolekar and Sunil Pimplikar
Page No. 1461 – 1468

153Role of Related Work Experience and Technical Expertise in Intentions for High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Indian Aerospace Industry
Author:  Krishna Murari and Dr. Suman Pathak
Page No. 1469 – 1487

154Investigation on Solar-Powered AI Based Water Purifier
Author:  Dr. R. B. Ingle
Page No. 1488 – 1493

155Contact Stresses Analysis of Spur Gear Used in Automated Lathe Machine- A Review Paper
Author:  Dattatray B. Vaitkar, Dr. R.B. Ingle, Y.P.Tidke and R. M. Kshirsagar
Page No. 1494 – 1497

156Lithophane Production by Traditional and 3D Printing Method- A Review Paper
Author:  Mr. Rohit M. Kshirsagar and Dr. Sanjay M. Kherde
Page No. 1498 – 1505

157A Cloud Computing Platform-Based Analysis of Data Leakage Detection in Credit Card Transactions
Author:  K.C. Chandra Sekaran
Page No. 1506 – 1515

158Career Aspirations for School Going Slum Dwelling Teenagers w.r.t their Self Concept
Author:  Dr. Alpha Lokhande
Page No. 1516 – 1520

159Secured Sharing of Data Using Multi-Layer Encryption in Cloud Computing
Author:  AL Jeeva and V Palanisamy
Page No. 1521 – 1530

160Opportunities, Challenges and Competencies of ERP System Implementation for Key-User Success in Business Environment
Author:  Ragupathy Nagarajan and Dr. Dolphy Abraham
Page No. 1531 – 1538

161A Robust Clustering Information Mining Model for Selective Dissemination of Information
Author:  Titus K. Rotich Too, Cheruiyot Wilson and Daniel Otanga
Page No. 1539 – 1546

162Ballistic Simulation and Experimental Test of 14.5 mm Armor Piercing Projectile Impact on Composite Add-On Armor with a Double-Layered High Hardness Steel
Author:  Sukasem Watcharamaisakul, Sittha Saidarasamoot, Mahin Chaiyarit and Apirath Gositanon
Page No. 1547 – 1556

163Frequency of Antibiotic Resistance Mutations in GYRA, GYRB, and FRXA of Helicobacter Pylori
Author:  Ayat Abbas Mohammed and Maysaa Abdul Razzaq Dhahi
Page No. 1557 – 1568

164A Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm with Neural Network for Software Fault Prediction
Author:  Khalaf Khatatneh, Nabeel Al-Milli, Amjad Hudaib and Monther Tarawneh
Page No. 1569 – 1577

165Deciphering the Dynamics of Hair Follicle-T Cell Interactions: A Mathematical Modelling Approach to Understanding Alopecia Areata
Author:  Hanadi Alzubadi
Page No. 1578 – 1587

166Efficient System Design for Next Generation of Medical Imaging for Skin Cancer Detection
Author:  Shakil Akhtar, Darshan Patel and Samuel Asumadu
Page No. 1588 – 1597

167The Assessment of Local Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLS) for Common Adult CT Examinations in Zayed Military Hospital using Size-Specific Dose Estimates
Author:  M. AL Bastaki, Z. Embong, N. Mazrouei, A. AL Shaali, J. Perez and S. Zubair
Page No. 1598 – 1606

168Sustainable Practices of Selected Resorts in Dasmariñas City, Cavite
Author:  Deniel M. Barias, Jennifer Mae P. Dayacap and Kyla Marie A. Malabanan
Page No. 1607 – 1624

169Smart Strategies: Investigating Operational Intelligence Systems in Power Plants
Author:  Kosaraju Sireesha and Prof. Jasti Katyayani
Page No. 1625 – 1629

170Traffic Flow Simulation and Development of Delay Models at Toll Plazas Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
Author:  GVLN Murthy, Dr. D. Ram Prasad Naik and Dr. M Anjan Kumar
Page No. 1630 – 1646

171Human Activity Recognition Using Multi-Class SVM
Author:  Kaarthick. C, Kaarthik Ganapathy. S and Dr. Sethuraman. R
Page No. 1647 – 1654

172The Significance of Converter Losses and the Role of Transmission Systems in the Overall Efficiency of EV Propulsion
Author:  M. Devika, M. Maheswaran, Bibin P Varghese, S. Selvam, Dr. P. Vijayakumar and P.Chandrasekaran
Page No. 1655 – 1673

173Intelligent Word and Phrase Analysis and Prediction Tool
Author:  Shashi Pal Singh, Ritu Tiwari and Sanjeev Sharma
Page No. 1674 – 1689

174A Survey on Applying Handcrafted and Learned Feature Extraction for Breast Cancer Classification Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
Author:  Salini S Nair and Dr. M. Subaji
Page No. 1690 – 1711

175Chatgpt in Dentistry: Decoding True Potential and Identifying Shortcomings
Author:  Pallavi Taneja and Gayathri Krishnamoorthy
Page No. 1712 – 1716

176A Blockchain with SHA-256 Algorithm for Intrusion Detection to Enhance Security
Author:  Mrs. Abirami.K and Dr. Jasmine Samraj
Page No. 1717 – 1729

177Object Detection in Deep Learning Using Yolo - A Survey
Author:  Dr. W. Rose Varuna, K.V. Sri Lakshmanan, R. Preamkumar and S. Vigneshkumar
Page No. 1730 – 1735

178Comparison of Loss of Resistance Technique between Epilor Syringe and Conventional Lor Syringe for Identifying the Epidural Space
Author:  Dr. Vishnuvanditha Vuppuluri, Dr. Senthil K.S, Dr. Reshma and Dr. Lakshmi R
Page No. 1736 – 1740

179Static and Dynamic Analysis for the G+14 Progressive Collapse Resisting RCC Structure
Author:  Mr. Shadab Anjum Momin AzizurRahman, Prof. V. P. Bhusare and  Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1741 – 1750

180'PARI' as an Alternative Medium to Represent and Develop Rural India: An Analysis of the Treatment of Rural Issues by the Mainstream and Alternative Media
Author:  Abatis Thokalath Sunny
Page No. 1751 – 1756

How to Cite:
Abatis Thokalath Sunny, (2023), 'PARI' as an Alternative Medium to Represent and Develop Rural India: An Analysis of the Treatment of Rural Issues by the Mainstream and Alternative Media, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(4), pp. 1751–1756.

181Molecular-Genetic Research of CFTR (Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator) Gene Mutations among Cystic Fibrosis Patients in the Azerbaijan Papulation
Author:  L.S. Huseynova and R. R. Hagverdiyeva
Page No. 1757 – 1766

182A Study of Anodizing Current on Aluminium Surfaces for Food Contact Materials
Author:  Jedsada Chaishome and Sasicha Trongchookiat
Page No. 1767 – 1771

183Stability Analysis for Discretized Brayton-Moser Equations with Implicit Model Predictive Control
Author:  Tomoaki Hashimoto
Page No. 1772 – 1780

184Literature Review on Privacy Preservation of Data in the Cloud Using IOMT
Author:  Sowjanya Addu and Dr. Arpit Jain
Page No. 1781 – 1787

185Isolation and Characterization of Polylacticacid Degrading Bacteria and its Degradation Potency
Author:  R. Mala, L. NandhaKumar and J. Vignesh
Page No. 1788 – 1795

186Managing Small Businesses Through Digital Marketing
Author:  Dr. Veena Rajendra Humbe 
Page No. 1796 – 1802

187Land Allocation Challenges in Light of New Legislation: Botswana's Evolving Landscape
Author:  Samuel Zachariah and Abubaker Qutieshat
Page No. 1803 – 1808

188Optimization of Intrinsic and Doped Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Layers for Heterojunction Intrinsic Thin Solar Cells
Author:  Nagesh M, Jayapal R and Suresh R
Page No. 1809 – 1817

189Advancing Color Management in Neural Radiance Fields
Author:  Howard Kim and Dong Ho Kim
Page No. 1818 – 1828

190Neighborhood Convolution Average Filter (NCAF): A Pioneering Approach to De-Noise Pancreatic CT Images
Author:  Dr. M. Renuka Devi and Mrs. T. Sridevi
Page No. 1829 – 1838

191Comparative Study on the Performance of Geopolymer Retrofitting in RCC Beam-Column Joints
Author:  Mr Rahul Shinde, Prof.  S.R. Suryawanshi Prof. V. P. Bhusare and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1839 – 1849

192Advantages of Prestressed Cantilever Pier Caps in Metro Rapid Transit Systems: A Versatile Solution for Curved Alignments
Author:  Mr. Nikhil Pawar, Prof.  S.R. Suryawanshi Prof. V. P. Bhusare and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1850 – 1855

193Comparative Analysis of U-Girders and Conventional PSC I Girders For Metro Rapid Transit Systems: A Cost and Structural Efficiency Perspective
Author:  Mr. Jaywant Chandane, Prof.  S.R. Suryawanshi Prof. V. P. Bhusare and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1856 – 1862

194Generation of P-M Interaction Curve for Section Under Axial Compression and Uniaxial Bending
Author:  Mr. Satish Bhone, Prof. V. P. Bhusare  and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1863 – 1875

195Examining Structural Integrity of Cable-Stayed Bridge Through Progressive Collapse Analysis with Sap2000
Author:  Mr. Mahesh Deshmukh, Prof.  S.R. Suryawanshi Prof. V. P. Bhusare  and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 1876 – 1882

196Evaluation of Traffic Side Friction of the Urban Road Network
Author:  Ali Hussein Hashim Al-yasee, Lee Vien Leong and Hamid Athab Al-jameel
Page No. 1883 – 1902

197Gendered Knowledge of Durum Wheat Processing and Genetic Treats in Rainfed Agriculture of Morocco
Author:  Abdelali Laamari and Hajar El-Fatouaki
Page No. 1903 – 1911

198Simulation Aspects of Low Power Energy Efficient Phase Frequency Detector Employed in Pll – 45nm CMOS Process
Author:  Ravi Kumar M and Dr. U. Eranna
Page No. 1912 – 1917

199Conventional and Modern Approaches in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping:  A Methodological Review
Author:  Yashodhar P. Pathak, Indra Prakash and M.B. Dholakia
Page No. 1918 – 1944

200A Comparative Study of Multi Response Performance Index (MRPI) Based Optimisation Techniques for CI Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission with Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) Biodiesel
Author:  Prasanta Kumar Choudhury and Dilip Kr. Bora
Page No. 1945 – 1963

201Analysis of Evapotranspiration and Developing Crop Coefficient for Plantation Sugarcane Using Lysimeter: A Deep Learning Technique
Author:  Kavya B M and Dr. T Mahadevaiah
Page No. 1964 – 1982

202A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Capture Extreme Rainfall Events
Author:  Willy Mbenza and Kenjiro Sho
Page No. 1983 – 1993

203Predicting Job Performance Using Hybrid Discriminant Neural Networks: An Ai-Driven Approach For Recruitment
Author:  Temsamani Khallouk Yassine and Achchab Said
Page No. 1994 – 2006

204Automated Animal Intrusion Detection Using Opencv Software
Author:  K Sebasthirani, Hare Raam V, Kavin T and Abishek V
Page No. 2007 – 2014

205Hydrodynamics of Wound Ballistics
Author:  Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Er. Arjun, Kirandeep Kaur and P. K. Mittal
Page No. 2015 – 2020

206Material Combination Ratio Optimization For Paver Block Composed of Waste Plastic and Waste Foundry Sand
Author:  Vraj H. Shah and Liming Dai
Page No. 2021 – 2029

207Bio-Residues for the Insulation of Building Façades: A Classification of Experiences
Author:  Camilla Vertua
Page No. 2030 – 2044

208Human Potential Development in Entrepreneurship: Forming the Entrepreneurial Identity
Author:  Alina Valencia
Page No. 2045 – 2051

209Evaluation of the Antioxidant Potential of Spray-Dried Microencapsulated Extract and its Formulation of Macleania Rupestris (KUNTH) A.C. SM.
Author:  María Belén Suquillo Bermeo and José Homero Vargas López 
Page No. 2052 – 2063

210Synthetic Underwater Naval Mine Dataset Generation and Naval Mine Detection Using Custom CNN Model-Deep Neural Networks
Author:  Manonmani Srinivasan, Shanta Rengaswamy and Mohamed Moin Irfan
Page No. 2064 – 2084

211Classification of Underwater Mines with Convolutional Neural Networks
Author:  Manonmani Srinivasan, Shanta Rengaswamy and Ganesh N Naik
Page No. 2085 – 2103

212Blockchain-Based Approaches for Enhancing Trust and Security in Cloud Environments
Author:  Satyanarayan Kanungo
Page No. 2104 – 2111

213Securing Smartphone User Authentication Using Teeth Pattern
Author:  Sushil Mhetre, Shashikant V. Athawale, Latika Kumare, Sanket Lipne and Sumeet Koli
Page No. 2112 – 2119

214Torsion Analysis of Symmetric and Assymmetrical Building
Author:  Anjali Dharma Rathod, Prof. S.S. Mane and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2120 – 2129

215Effects of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Fiber Addition on Compressive and Flexural Strengths of Concrete: A Comparative Study
Author:  Mr. Ravi Vitthal Sartape, Prof. Mithun Kumar and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2130 – 2136

216Predictive Modeling of Student Performance in Computer Science Applications Using Machine Learning Techniques
Author:  Kirti and Dr Tilak Raj Rohilla
Page No. 2137 – 2146

217Advanced Lossless Data Hiding Method for Securely Encrypted Images
Author:  Mr. Dileep Kumar, Akshat Dwivedi, Shubham Chaturvedi, Mukul and Rishabh Prajapati
Page No. 2147 – 2155

218Exploring Image De-Noising Techniques through Histogram-Based Denoising Methods
Author:  Mr. Harshit Singh, Shivam Kumar, Shivam Pandey, Mohammad Shadab and Sumit Pandey
Page No. 2156 – 2165

219Efficient Medical Image Fusion Using Joint Multi-Resolution (DWT) and Multi-Scaling (DRT) Transform with Block Matching
Author:  Dr. Brijesh Kumar Bhardwaj, Rishi Shrivastav, Pawani Rastogi, Priyanshu Gaur and Sumit Kumar
Page No. 2166 – 2175

220A Novel Approach to Capture the Popularity and Location of the Content in Cache Distribution Networks
Author:  Dr. N. Shanmuga Priya, Mr. V. Nandeesh and Ms. P. Nandhini
Page No. 2176 – 2183

221A Novel Method of Community Detection Model in Large Networks Using Framework Approach
Author:  Dr. N. Shanmuga Priya, Mr. V. Satheshkumar and Mr. K. Senthilkumar
Page No. 2184 – 2190

222Crop Yield Prediction Based on Climatic Constraints Using a Combined LSTM-RNN Approach
Author:  Mr. Rama Nandan Tripathi, Abdul Haseeb, Nishant, Mohd Atif Haider and Shua Hayat
Page No. 2191 – 2201

223Comparative Analysis of Pre-Engineered and Conventional Steel Building
Author:  Mr. Dinesh Pramod Urmude, Prof. Mithun Kumar and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2202 – 2208

224An Experimental Investigation of Self-Curing Concrete Incorporated with Polyethylene Glycol
Author:  Twinkal Naresh Bagde, Prof. P.S. Mote and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2209 – 2216

225Seismic Performance of High Rise Buildings with Floating Columns and Shear Wall
Author:  Mr. Bachal Kedar Dattatray and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2217 – 2228

226Investigation of Flexural Behavior in Concrete Beams with Recycled Coarse Aggregate
Author:  Mr. Gopal Ramsing Pawar, Prof. V. P. Bhusare  and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2229 – 2241

227Green Marketing in India: Challenges and Opportunities
Author:  Dr Hemant H. Bhatti and CA Nishant Jain
Page No. 2242 – 2249

228A Study on Screen Time Management Among Technology Students – Strategies and Solutions
Author:  Atharva Gholap, Tushan Poojary, Arpit Pandey, Riddhi Chaube and Dr. Kanchana Sattur
Page No. 2250 – 2260

229Enhanced Amplitude Probabilistic Shaping Based on Modified Multi-Repeat Mapping for 5G Massive-Mimo Wireless Channels
Author:  Ali Shaban Hassooni and Laith Ali Abdul Rahaim
Page No. 2261 – 2276

230A Review of Input Parameters on Surface Integrity for Quality and Productivity Improvement in Hard Turning
Author:  Vipan Bansal, Harish Garg and Mohinder Pal Garg
Page No. 2277 – 2292

231The Impact of Covid-19 Vaccine Administration on Balance and Coordination in Covid-19-Naïve, Healthy Men
Author:  Hamed Fadaei, Raghad Mimar, Sheida Shourabadi Takabi, Hamzeh Ghorbani, Mahdiyeh Haj Hosseini and Mehrdad Babak Rad
Page No. 2293 – 2302

232Scaling of Clustering Algorithms Using Deep Learning for High-Dimension Data
Author:  Anwiti Jain and Dinesh Kumar Sahu
Page No. 2303 – 2323

233Feature Optimization-Based Heart Disease Prediction Using Deep Learning Algorithm
Author:  Vikash Kumar Singh and Dinesh Kumar Sahu
Page No. 2324 – 2344

234A Comparative Study on Signature Identification and Verification System
Author:  Hemant A. Wani, Kantilal Rane and V. M. Deshmukh
Page No. 2345 – 2355

235AI and CHATGPT: Implications for Academic Libraries
Author:  Ms. Jayashree Sriramulu Saroja and Dr. Shamala N. Muzumdar
Page No. 2356 – 2365

236Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites: A Review
Author:  Prashant B. Borakhede and Dr. P.M. Ardhapurkar
Page No. 2366 – 2371

237Review on Optimization Techniques for Machining Parameters of Shape Memory Alloy
Author:  S. P. Pawar and P. M. Ardhapurkar
Page No. 2372 – 2381

238Mobiliar: An Furniture Buying Environment with the Help of Augmented Reality and 3D Visualization
Author:  Reeya Patra, Ishwari Garge, Keertana Pradeepkumar and Vanita Mane
Page No. 2382 – 2392

239Revolutionizing Retail: A Comprehensive Study of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Consumer Behavior
Author:  Dr. Anilkumar Rathod, Mrs. Swati Girish Gaikwad and Ms. Jithu T Reji
Page No. 2393 – 2397

240NLTK and Supervised Learning Approach to Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis of Global Brands in the Context of "Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan"
Author:  Beena Kapadia and Dr Amita Jain
Page No. 2398 – 2409

241The Effect of 12 Weeks Core Exercise on Mechanical Properties of Lower Extremity Muscles with Healthy Young Individuals
Author:  HHyuk-Jae Choi, Won-Young Lee, Chang-Yong Ko and Sung-Phil Heome
Page No. 2410 – 2418

242Development of Mobile-Device App Based on Yolov7 for Safety Monitoring
Author:  JeongTak Ryu, YunSeok Yang, JaeYeon Byun, Kyung-Ae Cha and BoKyeong Kim
Page No. 2419 – 2424

243Generating Mascot Images Using Stylegan2-Ada with Small Dataset
Author:  Jeoung Gi Kim, Jeong Tak Ryu, Je Kyung Lee and Kyung Ae Cha
Page No. 2425 – 2432

244Comparison and Analysis of Data Augmentation Methods for Fixed-Length Time Series Data
Author:  Woosoon Jung, Jeong Tak Ryu, Kyuman Jeong and Yoosoo Oh
Page No. 2433 – 2439

245Design of Automatic Learning System for Regression and Classification Machine Learning Algorithm According to Discrete and Continuous Data Attribute
Author:  Sehyun Myeong and Yoosoo Oh
Page No. 2440 – 2447

246Enhancing Diabetes Mellitus Prediction and Surveillance: A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach
Author:  Hamzeh Ghorbani, Mehrdad Babak Rad, Harutyun S. Hovhannisyan, Parvin Ghorbani, Lilit Sukiasyan, Delaram Ansari, Simin Ghorbani, Arsen Minasyan, Anahit Mkrtchyan, Natali Minasian, Aregnazan Ikilikyan, Rozi Yeremyan, Alla Krasnikova, Eduard Avagyan
Page No. 2448 – 2457

247Applying a Fuzzy Logic Approach to Effectively Design and Manage the Supply Chain
Author:  Jugendra Kumar Dongre and Dr. Ajay R. Raundale
Page No. 2458 – 2465

248On the Mass Properties of Geometrically Exact Beams with Arbitrary Sections
Author:  Alessandro Tasora and Giancarlo Cantarelli 
Page No. 2466 – 2475

249An Enhanced Fuzzy Based Approach to Improve the QOS & Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Author:  Ms. S. Lalitha, Mr. S. Yuvaraj and Ms. R. Vikashini
Page No. 2476 – 2483

250Evaluation of Alkaloids Extract from Medicinal Plant Nigella Sativa Seeds on Pathogenic Bacterial Growth
Author:  Dr Manish K Srivastav and Dr. Pallavi Tiwari
Page No. 2484 – 2487

251Structural Forms, Properties and Applications of Chalcogenide Materials: A Review
Author:  Neeraj Jaiswal, Ashutosh Singh, Yogender Singh and Abhishek Singh
Page No. 2488 – 2511

252Synthesis of 2-Amino-4-(Methylthio)Butanoic Acid Doped Barium Bromide (AMB-BB) Single Crystals: A Semi-Organic NLO Material
Author:  Anand Kumar Pandey, Raghvendra Pratap Singh and Jeet Singh
Page No. 2512 – 2524

253A Comprehensive Review on Recent Advancements in the Pharmacological Activities of 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Derivatives
Author:  Atul Kumar Srivastava, Shiv Shankar Sharma, Naresh Kumar Sharma, Abdul Majeed Ansari and Balmukund Tiwari
Page No. 2525 – 2554

254Degree Splitting of Square Harmonic Mean Graphs
Author:  L. S. Bebisha Lenin and M. Jaslin Melbha
Page No. 2555 – 2562

255Comparative Study on Strngth Parameters of Crimped Steel Fibers
Author:  Mr Shrikant Khedkar, Prof. K. S. Patil, Prof. V. P. Bhusare and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2563 – 2571

256Optimizing Concrete Mixes through Quarry Dust Replacement for Sustainable Construction
Author:  Anurag Warde and Dr. Ruchi Chandrakar
Page No. 2572 – 2578

257P-Delta Effect Analysis and Bracing Systems in Structural Design of High-Rise Building
Author:  Mr Saurabh Vinayak Kamble, Prof. V. P. Bhusare and Prof. Y. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. 2579 – 2589

258Optimizing Stock Prediction with Big Data and Sentiment Analysis Through Machine Learning Models
Author:  Dr. J Sangeetha, Ms. A. Jabeen and Ms. S. Saranya
Page No. 2590 – 2607

259A Hybrid Machine Learning Regression Framework for Air Quality Prediction with Meta-Heuristic Approach
Author:  Dr. R. Merlin Packiam, Ms. M. Ellakkiya and Ms. V. Infine Sinduja
Page No. 2608 – 2618

260GUI Based Heart Disease Prediction Model Using Random Forest Algorithm
Author:  Mr. S. S. Mhaske and Dr C. M. Jadhao
Page No. 2619 – 2624

261Machine Learning Based Yoga Pose Correction.
Author:  Meghana J H and Chethan H K
Page No. 2625 – 2635

262Effect of Landslides Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Prediction Models
Author:  Dr. D Kishan and Dr. S K Saritha
Page No. 2636 – 2644

263Impact of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan on Indian Buyer’s Mindset: A Lexicon Sentiment Analysis, Supervised Machine Learning And Hybrid Ensemble Learning Approach
Author:  Beena Kapadia and Dr. Amita Jain
Page No. 2645 – 2658

264Developing Machine Learning-Based Approaches to Enhance Marketing Strategies Across Multiple Social Media Platforms: A Review
Author:  Sudhir Kumar, Om Prakash and Anand Kumar
Page No. 2659 – 2665

265Nano-Phased Materials and Thin Film Heterostructures: A Pathway to High-Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion Technologies
Author:  Khandekar Ganesh Vishnu, Dr. Mohan Nathulal Giriya and Dr. Om Praksh Choudhary
Page No. 2666 – 2673

266Optimization and Design Analysis of Steel Framed Structures for Warehouses
Author:  Mr. Aryan Sharma and Dr. Honey Gaur
Page No. 2674 – 2684

267Evaluation of Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder and it’s Retrofit in Nepal: An Review
Author:  Ram Bilas Tharu and Dr. Ruchi Chandrakar
Page No. 2685 – 2693

268To Analysis and Design Various Economically Friendly and Energy Efficient Techniques for Green Cloud Computing
Author:  Vitthal Balasaheb Kale and Dr. Kailash Patidhar
Page No. 2694 – 2701

269Formation of Reading Clubs in Rural Schools to Improve Literacy Levels Among Grade Ten (10) Efal Learners
Author:  MJ Mokwalakwala, Molotja TW (PHD) and Chauke GT
Page No. 2702 – 2713

270Pangan-An Island PV System: A Case Study Examining its Actual Conditions with Simulation of the Existing Electrical Infrastructure Using Homer Legacy
Author:  Julito B. Anora Jr., Barry P. Alberca and Joker A. Zeta
Page No. 2714 – 2726

271The Effects of Travel Vlogs on Travel Decisions Of Generation X and Baby Boomers
Author:  Christine Anne V. Palao, Phoebe Danyelle T. Calangi and Joanna Pauline L. Tolentino
Page No. 2727 – 2744

272AI-based Segmentation Model for Aerial Imagery
Author:  Soo Hyun Kim, Young Ghyu Sun, Joonho Seon, Seongwoo Lee, Byungsun Hwang, Jinwook Kim, Jeongho Kim and Jin Young Kim
Page No. 2745 – 2756

273Quantum Coherence and Control: Exploring New Frontiers in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Author:  O Al-Hagan
Page No. 2757 – 2772

274Deep Learning and Artificial Immune System Based Software Defect Detection
Author:  Kavita Chourasia and Dr. Harsh Mathur
Page No. 2773 – 2784

275Revolutionizing Health Data Analysis: Design and Development of AI-Driven Association Rule Mining Techniques
Author:  Priyanka B Kolhapure and Dr Manisha
Page No. 2785 – 2795

276Emerging AI-Enabled Security for Industry 4.0
Author:  Chetan Dabbe, Priya Rakibe, Nimish Agarwal, Bhavesh Barhate, Rucha Choudhari and Sakshi Pawar
Page No. 2796 – 2804

277Securing the Digital Realm: An In-Depth Study of Two-Factor Authentication and its Implications
Author:  Varsha Laad and Dr. Atul Duttatrya Newase
Page No. 2805 – 2810

278Enhancing Material Management in the Construction Industry through ICT Tools: A Case Study in Maharashtra
Author:  Mr. Sumit Kashid, Prof. Abhijit N Bhirud and Prof. Y. R. Suryawanshi
Page No. 2811 – 2819

279Enhancing Road Safety: Identifying and Mitigating Factors Contributing to Accidents on Pune Nagar Highway
Author:  Mr. Aniket Kamble, Mr. Prathmesh Kamble, Ms. Sulekha Khavale, Mr. Ravikant Khedkar and Prof. A.N Bhirud
Page No. 2820 – 2827

280Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining and Thermal Power Plant on the Water Bodies Surrounding Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Author:  A.V. Dudhe
Page No. 2828 – 2834

281Combating Crime Against Women in India: Analyze the Causes and Consequences
Author:  Anjum A. Patel and Dr. Pooja Kulkarni
Page No. 2835 – 2843

282An Effective PSO Clustering Based Secure Data Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Author:  Ms. U. Suriya, Mr. P. D. Sajin and Ms. M. Sandhiya
Page No. 2844 – 2853

283S-Transform and Machine Learning-Based Identification and Classification of Faults on Power Transmission Lines
Author:  Prof. Vaibhav A. Ghodeswar and Dr. Mirza Ansar Beg
Page No. 2854 – 2864

284Short-Term Hydrothermal Generation Scheduling Using Hybrid Snake Optimizer
Author:  Avneet Kaur, J.S. Dhillon and Manmohan Singh
Page No. 2865 – 2876

285Advancing Healthcare: Harnessing Machine Learning for  Protecting Privacy and Heart Disease Prediction
Author:  Vaseem  Ghada and Dr. Gopi Sanghani
Page No. 2877 – 2887

286Fuel Production from Biomass and Waste Plastic (Polyethylene)  by Co-Pyrolysis Process
Author:  Hitesh L. Jadav and Dr. Nimit Patel
Page No. 2888 – 2895

287Identification of Most Significant Financial Parameters for Long Term Stock Trend Prediction Using Machine Learning
Author:  Firoz Sherasiya and Dr. Pradyumansinh Jadeja
Page No. 2896 – 2901

288Enhancing Driver Alertness Using Computer Vision Detection in Autonomous Vehicle
Author:  Chirag Vinalbhai Shah, Srinivas Naveen Reddy Dolu Surabhi and Vishwanadham Mandala
Page No. 2902 – 2911

289Entrapped Amylases – Versatile Biocatalysts for Life Sciences Applications
Author:  Monica Dragomirescu, Isidora Radulov, Adina Berbecea, Ionela Hotea, Sorin Gaspar and Gabriela Preda
Page No. 2912 – 2918

290The Innovative Production of Sugarcane Juice Clarification Materials from Sugar Industry By-Products
Author:  Rewadee Anuwattana, Siriwan Tepinta, Wanisa Chuaysang, Pattamaphorn Phuangngamphan, Narumol Soparatana and Supinya Sutthima
Page No. 2919 – 2926

291Mathematical Modeling for an Ecological System Induced by Competition and Group Defense
Author:  S. N. Raw and B. P. Sarangi
Page No. 2927 – 2935

292Diamond Nanoparticles to Detect High Energy Electron Radiation
Author:  G. Boka, Y. Dekhtyar and M. Rocca
Page No. 2936 – 2941

293Deep Learning Approach to Analyze Urban Spatial Disparities in Rason, North Korea: Using Satellite, GIS and Interview Data
Author:  Sihyo Lee
Page No. 2942 – 2950

294Impact of E Learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) on Higher Education
Author:  Dr. Roli Pradhan
Page No. 2951 – 2962

295The Role of Psychological Capital in Promoting Entrepreneurship and Small Business Success in Ghana
Author:  Mohammed Bawah, Iddrisu Sulemana and Mohammed Abubakari Sadiq
Page No. 2963 – 2978

296Application of Data Mining Algorithm for the Prediction of Tuberculosis Disease
Author:  T. Baskar and Dr. M. Kannan
Page No. 2979 – 2989

297Handloom Machine Productivity: A Review
Author:  Yogesh Mahantare, Dr. G.V. Thakre and Dr. M.J. Sheikh
Page No. 2990 – 2995

298Exploring the Feasibility of Quarry Dust as a Sustainable Substitute for Sand in Concrete Mixtures: A Study on Compressive Strength
Author:  Junaid Siddiqui and Honey Gaur
Page No. 2996 – 3002

299Survey of Harmonics Detection Method Based on Ann and Fuzzy Sets
Author:  M Vijay Kumar, Dr. Ritesh Diwan and Avinash Dewangan
Page No. 3003 – 3008

300Health Implications of Uranium Contamination in Drinking Water
Author:  Kawaljeet Kaur Bindra, Genius Walia, Rohit Mehra
Page No. 3009 – 3024

301Design of Methodical and Enhanced Performative Advanced Phase Locked Loop with High Stability External Frequencies Using VLSI Technology with Communication Standards
Author:  N. Shehanaz and Dr. Rahul Mishra
Page No. 3025 – 3030

302A Digital Image Watermarking Processing Techniques Using Multi-Hybrid Watermarking and Compression Technology
Author:  B.V Sowjanya And Dr. Amol Kumbhare
Page No. 3031 – 3034

303Designing Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in UAV-Assisted Wireless Communication Networks
Author:  Mahesh Y Sumthane and Dr. Santosh Pawar
Page No. 3035 – 3045

304Machine Learning Solutions for Sentiment Analysis on Big Data
Author:  Korivi Vamshee Krishna and Dr. Pramod Pandurang Jadhav
Page No. 3046 – 3065

305An Examination of Cyber Security Governance and Policy for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Context of Industry 5.0
Author:  Rajesh Verma
Page No. 3066 – 3075

306High-Frequency Transformer Design for Solid State Transformers in Electric Power Distribution Systems: A Novel Design Methodology
Author:  Yam Krishna Poudel, Ramesh Kumar Pudasaini, Dashu Nath Kandel, Saroj Maharjan  and Yogesh Bhandari and Jitesh Kumar Yadav
Page No. 3076 – 3095

307Impact of Self & Organizational Efficacy on Operational Excellence of it Companies: A Moderating Effect of Employee Attrition
Author:  Ms. Shalini Verma and Dr. Manish Srivastava
Page No. 3096 – 3103

308A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Integral Equations and Conventional Methods in Economic Decision-Making
Author:  Dr. Bhawana
Page No. 3104 – 3109

309Fractional Order Modeling And Control For Non-Linear System (Inverted Pendulum)
Author:  Dheeresh Upadhyay , Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay and Sandeep Pandey
Page No. 3110 – 3123

310Predicting Childhood BMI Using Machine Learning Techniques - A Case Study In Saudi Arabia
Author:  M. Abdollahian, S.H. Alanazi1, L. Tafakori, K. A. Almulaihan, S. M. ALruwili and O.F. Alenazi 
Page No. 3124 – 3134

311A Facile and Eco-Friendly in Situ Thermal (IST) Technique Synthesis of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks with Enhanced Crystallinity
Author:  Alireza Pourvahabi Anbari, Shima Rahmdel Delcheh, Serge Zhuiykov, Philippe M.Heynderickx and Francis Verpoort
Page No. 3135 – 3141

312Dpph Free Radical Scavenging Assay of Mimosa Pudica Linn. Extracts and L-Asparagine Amino Acid in Vitro Condition
Author:  Snehal Nimbhorkar and Dr. Yugandhara Rajgure
Page No. 3142 – 3147

313Dynamic Momentum Back Propagation Algorithm for Enhancing Covid-19 Prediction
Author:  N.G. Sree Devi and Dr. N. Suresh Singh
Page No. 3148 – 3160

314Classification of Breast Cancer Implementing Island Differential Evolution Algorithm Using Art1 Neural Network
Author:  S. Vijaya and Dr. D. Gladis
Page No. 3161 – 3168

315An Experimental Study On The Performance Of 3d Geogrid Reinforced Sand Under Repeated Loading
Author:  Avinash N , Hemavathi M , Nandini M Naganur , Asha M 
Page No. 3169 – 3182

316Group Runs Control Chart For Process Dispersion Based On Downton Statistic
Author:  Vikas B. Ghute , Chandrakant G. Gardi 
Page No. 3183 – 3194

317Enhancing Polymer Stability Utilizing Various Temperature Control And Catalytic Agents
Author:  Subita Bhagat 
Page No. 3195 – 3203

318Implications Of Multi-Grade Classroom On Teaching And Learning: A Case Study Of Dimamo Circuit
Author:  Mabule Jerry Modiba , Khashane Stephen Malatji , Lydia Kgomotso Mphahlele 
Page No. 3204 – 3214

319A Systematic Study of Implementation of Prognostic Approach to Enhance Data Security Using Cognitive Behavior of Machine Learning
Author:  Mr. Prabhanjan Chaudhari, Dr. Guddi Singh, Dr. Amit Bhusari
Page No. 3215 – 3226

320Inadequacy of Legal Framework Governing Banking Fraud
Author:  Mohit Saini
Page No. 3227 – 3237

321The Influence of Digital Platforms on Copyright Enforcement Dynamics and Fair Use Principles in the Modern Digital Landscape
Author:  Gurpreet Kaur Dutta and Bhawika Diwan
Page No. 3238 – 3245

322Enhancing Public Transportation Network Systems in Nagpur, India Using Machine Learning
Author:  Shradhesh Rajuji Marve and Dr. P. S. Charpe
Page No. 3246 – 3252

323Engineering Solutions and Networks for Monitoring and Regulating Organ Trade: Balancing Altruism and Commercialism
Author:  Cheryl Betsy Mathew and Surbhi Agarwal
Page No. 3253 – 3259

324The Influence of Digital Platforms on Copyright Enforcement Dynamics and Fair Use Principles in the Modern Digital Landscape
Author:  Gurpreet Kaur Dutta and Bhawika Diwan
Page No. 3260 – 3268

325Criminalization of Marital Rape in India: Examining the Socio-Legal Barriers to Criminalizing Marital Rape in India & Proposing Legislative Reforms to Address this Issue
Author:  Mahima Tandan
Page No. 3269 – 3277

326Enhancing Diversity and Skills in Gig Workers: A Comprehensive Framework Addressing Legal Implications
Author:  Manubha Shankar and Ms. Akanksha Choudhary
Page No. 3278 – 3286

327A Comprehensive Outlook for Discrepancies
Author:  Jijiraj M.J
Page No. 3287 – 3295

328Due Diligence in Business Process: Legal Insights
Author:  T. Kameshwasri Pranati and Punam Karsh
Page No. 3296 – 3301

329Thermodynamic Analysis of Natural Gas SOFC-HCCI Engine Hybrid System
Author:  Kirti Pachisia, Kartik Dogra, Karan Bhardwaj and K. Manjunath
Page No. 3302 – 3311

330Numerical Analysis of Heat Exchanger Based on Constructal Theory
Author:  Akshay Malik, Aman Sati and K. Manjunath
Page No. 3312 – 3325

331Techno Economic and Environmental Analysis of Replacing Diesel with Natural Gas Power Generator in an Educational Institution
Author:  Anuj Kumar Choudhary, Aditya Kumar Jha, K. Manjunath and Naushad A. Ansari
Page No. 3326 – 3347

332The Study of Component Based Software Industry
Author:  Praveen Kumar and Dr. Kailash Patidar
Page No. 3348 – 3354

333Enhancement of Environmental Conservation and Aquatic Life Through Sustainable Aquaponics
Author:  Jyoti M Sadamate, Santosh Thorat and Padmasinh D Patil
Page No. 3355 – 3362

334Electrochemical Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy Storage Applications
Author:  Shishir Kumar, Prof Akhand Pratap Singh, Prof Vipin Kumar Singh and Priyanka Singh
Page No. 3363 – 3371

335Corporate Governance in India - A Reality Study
Author:  Dr. Abhilasha Ambatipudi and Dr. A. Ramakumar
Page No. 3372 – 3377

336Metaheuristic Algorithm Based Fractional Order PI Controller for Auto Regulation of Po2 System
Author:  S. Suriyaprakash and Dr. M. Dhinakaran
Page No. 3378 – 3388

337Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal and Antimicrobial Studies of CrIII, MnII, CoII and NiII Complexes of Schiff Base Derived from 4-Aminoantipyrine and 2,4-Dihydroxyacetophenone
Author:  Arun Kumar Singh and Kumari Niharika
Page No. 3389 – 3393

338Sustainable Development and Solar Energy Technologies
Author:  Ranjeet Kumar, Arman Ali, Ashfaque Ahmad, Azeem Alam and Ghausul Azam Ansari
Page No. 3394 – 3400

339Ensemble Machine Learning Model for Texture Feature Extraction and Classification
Author:  Rohini A. Bhusnurmath and Shaila Doddamani
Page No. 3401 – 3412

340Data Encryption Standard Based AES Algorithm in Internet of Things Environment
Author:  P Raja Lingam and Dr. Rahul Mishra
Page No. 3413 – 3421

341Leveraging Complementary Control Signals in Low-Voltage Electronic Circuits
Author:  Viswanathan B and Dr. Amol Kumbhare
Page No. 3422 – 3427

342Biogenically Synthesized CuO Nanoparticles from Solanum Melongena for Anticancerous Potential Against Hct-116 Cell Lines
Author:  Sajeena Beevi Sharafudheen and C.Vijayakumar
Page No. 3428 – 3434

343Characterization of Nano K-Closed and Nano K –Open Maps in Nano Topological Spaces
Author:  S. Subbu Lakshmi and K. Dass
Page No. 3435 – 3440

344A Study on the Impact of Creativity as Marketing Strategy on Buying Behavior of Customer: An Empiral Study
Author:  Ms. Mariyam Ahmed
Page No. 3441 – 3446

345Redefining Organizational Structures: A Framework For Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Daos) Utilizing Ethereum Blockchain Technology
Author:  Abhishek Alimchandani, Joshitha Kolipineni, Rithika Vemula, Priyanka Yadlapalli
Page No. 3447 – 3454

346A Novel Intrusion Detection System Utilizing Virtualized Honeypots And Machine Learning Techniques
Author:  Nidhi Bivalkar, Agneya Kolhatkar, Ameya Kolhatkar, Preeti Jain
Page No. 3455 – 3466

347Revolutionizing Educational Horizons: A Thorough Examination of Artificial Intelligence Advancements and Big Data Integration in Digital Learning Environments
Author:  Dr. Geetha Manikanta Jakka
Page No. 3467 – 3482

348A Comprehensive Review of Natural Language Semantics: Deep Dive into Probabilistic and Fuzzy Logic Approaches
Author:  Om Prakash Singh and Dr. Manoj Eknath Patil
Page No. 3483 – 3493

349Application of Calixarene Ionophores in PVC Based ION Selective Electrodes for Heavy Metals Detection
Author:  Samiksha Gautam Ashutosh Singh and Akhilesh Singh
Page No. 3494 – 3502

350Optimization Techniques for Power Flow in Modern Electric Power Systems
Author:  Anshul Shekhar, Sanjay Kumar, Kumar Saurabh, Priyanka and Reena Kumari
Page No. 3503 – 3512

351Product Recommendation for User Reviews in Online Big Data Analysis Using Machine Learning Technique
Author:  Jagadish Kalava and Dr. Pramod Pandurang Jadhav
Page No. 3513 – 3522

352Design a Smart Waste Management System Using IOT
Author:  Nagesh Bagnwa Mapari and Dr. Rahul Mishra
Page No. 3523 – 3532

353Improvement of Cloud IOT Services by Using Virtual Network
Author:  Nagul Meera Sayyed and Dr. Pramod Pandurang Jadhav
Page No. 3533 – 3545

354Research and Design Big Data Techniques for Social Networks: A Variety
Author:  Raghupathi K and Dr. Kailash Patidar
Page No. 3546 – 3557

355Analysis of Development of Semi-Replacement of Concrete Through the Waste Materials
Author:  Seeram Pulipati Rithesh and Dr. Prashant S. Lanjewar
Page No. 3558 – 3565

356An Investigation of Integrating the Edge of Things, IOT and Cloud in a Distributed Computing Environment
Author:  V Ravi Kumar and Dr. Kailash Patidar
Page No. 3566 – 3577

357Optimizing Regression Analysis in Industrial Equipment: Exploring Support Vector Machines (SVMS) in the Oil & Gas Domain
Author:  D S K Chakravarthy and Dr. Atul Newase
Page No. 3578 – 3584

358Controllability and Stability Challenges in Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems: A Review
Author:  Udit Kumar Patel and Dr. Anjna Rajoria
Page No. 3585 – 3595

359Grasshopper Optimization based DNN-IMC for a Non-Linear pH Process
Author:  K. Anu Nivetha, S. Abraham lincon, R. Selvaraj and E. Sivaraman
Page No. 3596 – 3603