International journal of applied engineering and technology    

Vol. 6 No. 1 (January, 2024)

1. Passive Design Strategies for Achieving Net Zero Energy Targets in Middle-Income Dwellings in Greater Jakarta

Author:  Budijanto Chandra, L.M.F. Purwanto, Albertus S. Muljadinata                                      DOWNLOAD                        
Date of Submission: 21st October 2023               Revised: 22nd November 2023                 Accepted: 05th December 2023

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Chandra, B., Purwanto, L.M.F., Muljadinata, A (2024). Passive Design Strategies for Achieving Net Zero Energy Targets in Middle-Income Dwellings in Greater Jakarta. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 6(1), pp.1-6.

2. Design of a Mobile Application to Consult Virtual Psychology and Emotional Support Aimed at University Students in Peru

Author:  Carlos Jacinto La-Rosa-Longobardi, Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza                                      DOWNLOAD                        
Date of Submission: 11th October 2023               Revised: 24th November 2023                 Accepted: 06th December 2023

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Carlos Jacinto La-Rosa-Longobardi, Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza (2024), Design of a Mobile Application to Consult Virtual Psychology and Emotional Support Aimed at University Students in Peru. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 6(1), pp.7-11.

3. Evaluating Multimedia Data Throughput Rates in Wireless Networks using Testbed System

Author:  Ngo Hai Anh, Nam-Tien Do                                                               DOWNLOAD
Date of Submission: 29th October 2023               Revised: 30th November 2023                 Accepted: 09th December 2023

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Anh, N.H. and Tien, D.N. (2023). Evaluating multimedia data throughput rates in wireless networks using testbed system. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 6(1), pp.12-18.

4. Ergonomic Analysis of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders on Warehouse Workers Using Digital Human Modeling
Author:  Suat Kasap & Karim Abbady                                                                         DOWNLOAD            
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 04th January 2024

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Kasap, S. and Abbady, K. (2024), Ergonomic Analysis and Investigation of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders on Warehouse Workers Using Digital Human Modeling, International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology, 6(1), pp.19-25.

5. Extreme Learning Machine and Fast Learning Machine based Finger Vein Classification
Author:  Ahmed Kawther Hussein                                              DOWNLOAD                                                                    
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 17th January 2024

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Ahmed Kawther Hussein (2024), Extreme Learning Machine and Fast Learning Machine based Finger Vein Classification. International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology, 6(1), pp.26-30.

6. Machine Learning Approaches in Predicting Households’ Compliance to Maternal and Child Health Conditions of a Philippine Welfare Program
Author:  John Vianne Murcia at.el.                                                   DOWNLOAD                                                                   
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 18th January 2024

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Murcia, J. V., Suelto, M., Delima, J. M., Manulat, J. R. and Panerio, C. J. (2024). Machine Learning Approaches in Predicting Households’ Compliance to Maternal and Child Welfare Program. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology Research 6(1), pp.31-37. 

7. Examining the Utilization Various Types of Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Motors for Energy Efficiency in the Mature Offshore Oil Field Indonesia
Author:  Hibatur Rahman                                                       DOWNLOAD                                                   
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 18th January 2024

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Rahman, H. and Kartohardjono, S, (2024), Examining the Utilization Various Types of Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Motors for Energy Efficiency in The Mature Offshore Oil Field Indonesia, International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology, 6(1), pp.38-46.

8. Thermogravimetric Analysis of the Thermal Degradation of an Animal Biomass used as Load to Improve the Characteristics of Polymers
Author:  Hamza ENNADAFY                                           DOWNLOAD                                                                       
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 23th December 2023                 Accepted: 28th December 2023 

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Hamza ENNADAFY, Mustapha JAMMOUKH, Youssef HILALI, Naoual BELOUGADIA and Abdelilah HACHIM (2024). Thermogravimetric Analysis of the Thermal Degradation of an Animal Biomass used as Load to Improve the Characteristics of Polymers. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 6(1), pp.47-52. 

9. An IoT-Based Secure Healthcare Framework
Author:  Hesham A. El Zouka                                                              DOWNLOAD                                                
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 23th December 2023                 Accepted: 18th January 2024  

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Hesham A. El Zouka (2024). An IoT-Based Secure Healthcare Framework. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 6(1), pp. 53-62.

10. Improving the Training Performance of DQN Model on 8-puzzle Environment through Pre-training
Author:  Seong Uk Moon                                                                                           DOWNLOAD
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 20th December 2023  

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Hesham A. El Zouka (2024). An IoT-Based Secure Healthcare Framework. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 6(1), pp. 53-62.

11. Evaluating Additive Manufacturing in User-Centered Design: Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach
Author:  Moses O. Oyesola                                                                DOWNLOAD                                                  
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 18th January 2024  

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Oyesola et al., (2024), Evaluating Additive Manufacturing in User-Centered Design: Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach, International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology 6(1), pp.68-76.

12. All-Optical QPSK Label Recognition in Photonic Switching Networks using MMIs on the Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Platforma
Author:  Thi Hong Loan Nguyen                                              DOWNLOAD                                                                                        
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 18th January 2024  

How to Cite:

Thi Hong Loan Nguyen et al., (2024), Evaluating All-optical QPSK label recognition in photonic switching networks using MMIs on the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform. International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology 6(1), pp.77-83.

13. Development of Smart Gloves based on Knitted Strain Sensor for Finger Rehabilitation Training
Author:  Heeji Choiand                                                                                        DOWNLOAD                                              
Date of Submission: 15th November 2023               Revised: 27th December 2023                 Accepted: 26th January 2024  

How to Cite:

Choi, H. and Kim, Y. (2024) “Development of smart gloves based on knitted strain sensors for finger rehabilitation training,” International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology 6(1), pp.84-91.

14. A Deep Learning Approach to Enhanced Feature Extraction for Computer Vision
Author:  Gopichand G, Ilayaraja V, Agoorukasetty Adithya, Konduru Aditya Varma, Pranav B S and Bhuvan T
Page No. 92 – 104 

15. Enhancing the Success of Medical Startups: A Framework for Tailored Support in University Incubators
Author:  Hanchao Feng, Xuesen Zheng, Qijun Long and Yi Wei
Page No. 105 – 115 

16. Machine Learning Based Text Classification Using Probabilistic Neural Network
Author:  Dr. T. Thendral and Ms. Eben Angel Pauline D
Page No. 116 – 124 

17. Review of Pegylated Liposomal Drug’s Effectiveness for Overcoming Chemoresistance Of Breast Cancer
Author: Movchan O.V., Prof. Smolanka I.I.(Sr), Lyashenko A.O., Loboda A.D, Ivankova O.M., Dosenko I.V. and Movchan Oleksii Volodimirovich
Page No. 125 – 136 

18. Prospective Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union and its Possible Implications for Ukraine
Author:  Vladyslav Teremetskyi, Yurii Burylo, Mykola Stefanchuk, Olha Zozuliak, Zhanna Udovenko, Dmitro Zhuravlov and Yevheniia Duliba
Page No. 137 – 145 

19. Socio-Psychological Factors Impacting  Performance of Women Leadership in India
Author:  Anusha Pachori and Dr. Alka Agnihotri
Page No. 146 – 150 

20. Synthesis Investigation for a Magnetic Projector Lens
Author:  Tareq Hashim Abbood, Saadi R. Abbas and Muhssen Salbookh Erhayief
Page No. 151 – 158 

21. The Efficiency Measurement System of Inn Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Author:  Cut Ita Erliana, Zalfie Ardian, Dahlan Abdullah, Muhammad Ikhwani and Andik Bintoro
Page No. 159 – 170

22. Analysis of Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Using the Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Determining Control Method in Section SP Bridge Replacement Project. Cokroaminoto – SP. Tohpati Denpasar
Author:  I Ketut Sutapa, I Wayan Sudiasa, I  Made Anom Santiana and I  Gede Sastra Wibawa
Page No. 171 - 183 

23. Evaluating the Levels of Some Hormonal Parameters in Women With Breast Cancer
Author:  Alia Kareem Al−Kufee and Dr. Saher Mahmood Jwad
Page No. 184 - 190

24. Evaluation of Levels of Follicle Growth-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH) And Testicular Luteinizing (T) In Infertile Men
Author:  Wijdan Kamal Noor and Dr. Bushra Abbas ALzubaidi
Page No. 191 - 206

25. Using Nano-Chitosan Bound to Some Drugs and Studying its Physical Properties and Biological Effectiveness
Author:  Nidaa Ali Hadi and Dr. Faez Alrammahi
Page No. 207 - 219

26. Adapting Teaching Methods to Kolb's Learning Styles: A Study in Instructional Optimization
Author:  Hassane Kemouss, Omar Abdennour and Mohamed Khaldi
Page No. 220 - 229

27. Experimental Investigation of Using the Geothermal Energy for Cooling of Air Supply Instruments in Oil Fields
Author:  Eman A. Hummood and Mushtaq I. Hasan
Page No. 230 - 249

28. Structural Behavior of Fibrous Reinforced One Way Composite Voided Deck Slab
Author:  Nawal S. Fadil, Ahmed A. Mansor And Amer M. Ibrahim
Page No. 250 - 269

29. Application of the Simple Additive Weighting Method to Design an Integrated Employee Assessment System in National Non-Profit Organization
Author:  Afrizal Zein, Sagaf S. Pettalongi, Arief Yanto Rukmana, Agus Hendra Al Rahmad and Rina Hidayati Pratiwi
Page No. 270 - 277

30. Sorbitol Accumulation and Advanced Glycation End Product Modulators Activities of Hesperidin
Author:  Sabrina Leon, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameswri
Page No. 278 – 283

31. Evaluation of Isorhamnetin for its Inhibitory Activity on Amylase and Advanced Glycation End Products
Author:  Anuska Balaji, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and P. Parameshwari
Page No. 284 – 290

32. Biosynthesis of Strontium Nanoparticles Using Daucus Carota Extract and its Anticariogenic Activity
Author:  Aravind Sivakumar, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 291 – 297

33. Green Synthesis of Strontium Nanoparticles Using Daucus Carota and its Antioxidant Activity
Author:  Joseph Linoj, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 298 – 303

34. Evaluation of the Neuroprotective Potential Hydroalcoholic Flower Extract of Nerium Oleander
Author:  Katheeja Rilah S, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameshwari
Page No. 304 – 311

35. In Vitro Inhibitory Activity of Carpain on Acetylcholinesterase and Amyloid Beta Plaque Formation
Author:  Koustubh Surana, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parmeshwari
Page No. 312 - 318

36. Therapeutic Potential of Myricetin in Diabetes Associated Complications
Author:  Deepika, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameswari R.P.
Page No. 319 – 325

37. Mitigative Effect of Flavonoid Rich Fraction of Cyperus Rotundus Against Sorbitol Dehydrogenase and Aldolase Reductase
Author:  Divaskara Chandran S, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameshwari
Page No. 326 – 332

38. Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Diabetic Enzyme Inhibitory Effect of Prunasin
Author:  Kanumuru Rahul Reddy, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameshwari
Page No. 333 – 338

39. Free Radical Scavenging Activity Of Selenicereus Undatus Peel Mediated Selenium Nanoparticles
Author:  Santhosh S, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 339 – 346

40. In-Vitro Evaluation of Aristolochia Bracteolata for its Anti-Diabetic Activity
Author:  Gaurav Thoke, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parmeshwari
Page No. 347 – 352

41. Embryonic Toxicology Evaluation of Strontium Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Daucus Carota
Author:  George Franklin, Dr.Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 353 – 360

42. In Vitro Inhibitory Activity of Tinospora Cordifolia Extract on Acetylcholinesterase and Amyloid Beta Plaque Formation
Author:  Hanish D, Dr Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parmeshwari
Page No. 361 – 369

43. Assessment of Neuroprotective Potential of Hydroalcoholic Extract from Tinospora Cordifolia
Author:  Iswarya S, Dr.Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameshwari
Page No. 370 – 376

44. Assessing the Drivers of Electronic Procurement System Adoption and its Impact on Vendors and Clients in the Public Sector
Author:  Clement Nangpiire, Zaruk Narsam Salifu and Theophile Nasse
Page No. 377 – 386

45. Ameliorative Effect of Hydroalcoholic Flower Extract of Nerium Oleander Extract on Diabetes Associated Complications
Author:  Manisha K, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parameshwari
Page No. 387 – 393

46. Cytotoxic Efforts and Anti Diabetic Activity of Peel Mediated Selenium Nanoparticles Using Selenicereus Undatus
Author:  Pranav Palanivel C, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 394 – 402

47. Green Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Azadirachta Indica and Zingiber Officinale Formulation and its Embryonic Toxicology Evaluation
Author:  Raguldarun P, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 403 – 411

48. Unravelling the Transformative Power of Spirituality and Resilience in Enhancing the Well-Being of Young Adults: A Literature Review
Author:  Ms. Shviti Sood and Dr. Anviti Gupta
Page No. 412 – 424

49. Neuroprotective Evaluation of Flavonoid Friction of Cyperus Rotundus K
Author:  Shivam Madan, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Parmeshwari
Page No. 425 – 432

50. Anticariogenic Activity of Azadirachta Indica and Zingiber Officinale Formulation Mediated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Author:  Sai Sreekar Reddy, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 433 – 436

51. Daucus Carota Assisted Synthesis of Strontium Nanoparticles and its Anti-Inflammatory Activity
Author:  Sriraj Gannamaneni, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar S
Page No. 437 – 442

52. Time Kill Curve Kinetic Analysis of Peel Mediated Selenium Nanoparticles Against Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans
Author:  Sudarshan Satish, Dr. Abirami Arthanari and Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Page No. 443 - 449

53. The Role of Statins in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Management: A Mini Review
Author:  Neti Eka Jayanti and Rozzana Mohd Said
Page No. 450 - 462

54. Formation and Study of Metal Peroxy Complex Spectrophotometrically
Author:  Shaziya Mohammed Irfan Momin
Page No. 463 – 469

55. A Study on Factors Influencing Organic Food Producers and Promotional Strategies in Rayalaseema Region of A.P
Author:  Mrs. S. Sreedevi and Dr. Jasti Katyayani
Page No. 470 – 480

56. The Role of Internal Audit Commitment in Reducing Cybersecurity Risks
Author:  Karar Jasim Najm and Zahraa Musafer Obaid Al-Karaawi
Page No. 481 - 488

57. Study of Backyard Scale Aquaculture Model Based on IoT in Smart Village Area in Bulukumba Regency South Sulawesi
Author:  Ahmad Munir, Kurniati and Juni Astuti
Page No. 489 - 504

58. A Proposed Lightweight Block Cipher System Employing DNA Codes
Author:  Zainab Fawzi Abed and Sawsan S. Abed
Page No. 505 – 513

59. Article Under Processing
Page No. 514 – 528

60. Application of Rapid Application Development Method in Designing Customer Relationship Management Systems for National Insurance Companies
Author:  Yoesoep Edhie Rachmad, Loso Judijanto, Sagaf S. Pettalongi, Tanti Widia Nurdiani and Dedy Setyo Oetomo
Page No. 529 – 536

61. Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in the Noma Networks Using Deep Learning Algorithms
Author:  Anoop Khambra and Rajesh Kumar Rai
Page No. 537 – 556

62. Reduction of Waste Using Lean Manufacturing Tools in Reference to the Ceramic Industry
Author:  Munna Kumar and P.N. Ahirwar 
Page No. 557 – 567

63. A Lightweight Physical Layet Key Generation Method Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms for the Internet of Things
Author:  Ramesh Shahabade and Dr. Mohd Zuber
Page No. 568 – 576

64. Study of Mishing Language Vowels Using Fundamental Frequency (Pitch) and Formants
Author:  S.K. Saikia, D.J. Borah and S. Kalita
Page No. 577 - 582

65. New Strategies to Strengthen Cocoa Agribusiness Institution: Evidence from Majene Regency, Indonesia
Author:  Rahma Khaerati, Muhammad Arsyad, Rio Akbar Rahmatullah, Muh Hatta Jamil and B. Nishantha
Page No. 583 - 595

66. Integrating Information Technology in Education Marketing for Islamic Elementary School in Bandar Lampung
Author:  Sufisti Aragusta, Sulthan Syahril,  Safari and Ahmad Fauzan
Page No. 596 – 616

67. Evaluation of Digital Literacy Training Program Intended for Parental Digital Skills Improvement in Reference to Child Upbringing in a Rapidly Changing Digital Era
Author:  Safuri Musa, Sri Nurhayat, Yusuf Muhyiddin and Siswanto
Page No. 617 - 627

68. Improvement of Weak Soil Using Sustainable Additive
Author:  Alaa H. J. Al-Rkaby and and Alaa Salim
Page No. 628 – 638

69. Reflections on Cognitive Teaching Styles and Emotional Intelligence Proficiency Among Teachers to Enhance their Performance
Author:  Jayanthi. M and Radhakrishnan. M
Page No. 639 - 649

70. An Improved Model with EHT for Image Forgery Detection Using Matlab
Author:  B.B Shabarinath, Pradeep Kumar and K Akhila
Page No. 650 – 665

71. Exploring the Determinants of Live Broadcast Entrepreneurial Intention Among College Students
Author:  Ding Guangyuan and Zhongwu Li
Page No. 666 – 677

72. Malicious Attack Prevention in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Node Clustering Technology
Author:  Moaid Abdulmohsen Hameed ALnajem, Amel Meddeb Makhlouf and Ahmed Fakhfakh
Page No. 678 – 685

73. Machine Learning Paradigm for Customers Behavioral Monitoring in E-Commerce Platforms
Author:  Riyadh Mejbel Yaseen Al-Dulaimi, Amel Meddeb Makhlouf and Ahmed Fakhfakh
Page No. 686 – 694

74. Analysis of Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Waste in the Burger Bread Production Process
Author:  Defi Irwansyah, Cut Ita Erliana, Chalirafi Chalirafi, Ade Prianggi, Fanny Fadillah, Fanimaulia
Page No. 695 – 702

75. The Influence of Marketing Stimuli on Purchasing Decisions Mediated by Consumer Characteristics (Case Study: ACEH Province MSMES)
Author:  Chalirafi, Faisal Matriadi, Munandar and Sutriani
Page No. 703 – 710

76. Analysis of Strategy Development for Agricultural Financing to Realise Islamic Financial Inclusion
Author:  Ahmad Fauzul Hakim Hasibuan, Naufal Bahri and Wardhiah
Page No. 711 – 723

77. An AI Based Technique for Poll Result Prediction
Author:  M. Suresh Babu, A. Pranayanath Reddy, D. Asha Devi and B. Deevena Raju
Page No. 724 – 732

78. The Application of Lean Service Approach to Analyze Waste from Palm Kernel Expeller Loading and Unloading Activities
Author:  Nurlaela Kumala Dewi, Budi Nur Siswanto, Anggie Darwinanti
Page No. 733 – 739

79. Analysis of Smart Road Safety Using Blockchain
Author:  Nikunj Deepak Karolia, Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav and Dr. Alam N. Shaikh
Page No. 740 - 743

80. Intellectual Property Rights and the Protection Of Biodiversity: Role and Significance
Author:  Dr. Virender Negi, Dr. Monika Negi, Dr. Jaswinder Kaur and Prachi Sharma
Page No. 744 – 755

81. Participatory Cyber Extension Implementation to Build Community Health Resilience in Facing Disease Outbreak Disasters
Author:  Metha Madonna, Sumardjo, Siti Amanah, E. Oos M. Anwas
Page No. 756 – 767

82. Spatial Dynamics of Forest Landscapes and its Impact on Climate Change in Waeruhu Watershed, Ambon City
Author:  Jusmy D. Putuhena, Aryanto Boreel and Lydia Riekie Parera
Page No. 768 – 778

83. An Empirical Study on Relationship Between AI and Knowledge Management and its Impact in Indian Sectors
Author:  Dr. E. Nafeza and Dr. A. Gayathri
Page No. 779 – 783

84. Unveiling the Factors Influencing Student's Social Acceptance: A Comprehensive Study in Educational Environment
Author:  Dr. R. A. Rabika Begum and Divya S
Page No. 784 – 789

85. Impact of ESG Index on Stock and Firm Performance in the Indian Stock Market
Author:  S. Rajeswari and Dr. D. Anitha Kumari
Page No. 790 – 801

86. Analyzing the Pre and Post-Merger Performance of the State Bank of India Through a Comparative Camel Model Evaluation
Author:  Mrs. S. Sasikala and Dr. B. Sudha
Page No. 802 – 806

87. Optimizing Dietary Supplement Selection for Enhanced Physical Health: A Vikor Analysis Approach
Author:  Dr. Nirupama. E and Ms. Sinduja A
Page No. 807 – 814

88. An Efficient Approach of Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Feature Extraction with Machine Learning Model
Author:  Mr. H. Ramprasanth, Dr. P. Nandhakumar
Page No. 815 – 822

89. A Study of Students Academic Performance and Dropout Prediction in HEI Using Machine Learning Models
Author:  K. Sangeetha and Dr. N. Shanmuga Priya
Page No. 823 – 829

90. An Empirical Study on Different Routing Protocols in Vanet
Author:  P. Ashok Kumar and Dr. M. Ramalingam
Page No. 830 – 842

91. Earthquake Resistant Building Using Base   Isolation in Combination with Tuned Mass Damper
Author:  A.  Mohan, R. Guna, R.hariharan, A. Suresh and S. Ravishankar
Page No. 843 – 849

92. Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas Production Systems: Opportunities, Challenges, and Adoption with Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Field Technologies
Author:  Richard Mohan David and Dr. Sumeet Gupta
Page No. 850 – 857

93. Smart Dairy Tech: Real-Time Sensing and Precise Control of Steroid Levels in Milk for Enhanced Quality and Consumer Safety
Author:  K. Kalaivani, N. Shanmuga Vadivu, G. Rohini, R. Chellamuthu, K. Kalaiselvi and D. Gayathri
Page No. 858 – 868

94. Techno-Economic Analysis and Design of Hybrid Solar Power Generation Optimization in Udaipur, India
Author:  Garima Singh and Bharat Raj Singh
Page No. 869 – 882

95. Automated Emerging Cyber Threat Identification and Profiling Based on Natural Language Processing
Author:  Dr. Narendhar Mulugu
Page No. 883 – 893

96. A Review on Dietary Quality, Health Advantages, and Contemporary Uses of Pseudocereal
Author:  Susmita Ranjan and Er. Thejus Jacob
Page No. 894 – 910

97. Assessing the Impact of a Blended Learning Approach Utilizing an Ecoliteracy E-Module on Elementary School Students’ Environmental Knowledge in Indonesia
Author:  Trisni Handayani, Yufiarti, Etin Solihatin and Mohamad Syarif Sumantri
Page No. 911 – 922

98. Optimization of Turning Process Parameters for Aluminium using Different Machining Environment
Author:  Vibhav Bhat, Sanmath Shetty, Vageesh Hegde, Dr. Kiran Aithal S and Pramod. S  
Page No. 923 – 936

99. Navigating Municipal Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities: Status, Challenges, and Sustainable Solution
Author:  Sanjeev Kumar, Ran Vijay Singh and Kunal Kumar
Page No. 937 – 947

100. Phenolic Compounds and Phytochemical Studies of the Tribulus Terrestris from South Algeria
Author:  Kherraz Khaled., Khalil Guelifet., Khoualed Yassine., Laouedj Hacene., and Ghemam Amara Djilani
Page No. 948 – 953

101. Development of a Family Adaptation Model with a Member who has Diabetes Mellitus with Complications of Foot Diabetes
Author:  Moch. Bahrudin, Tanty Wulan Dari, Titik Sumiatin and Agus Setyo Utomo
Page No. 954 - 960

102. Article Under Processing
Page No. 961 – 968

103. Assessing the Environmental Imbact of Al-Warar Canal Water Pollution by Embloying Epiphytic Diatoms as Biological Indicators, Ramadi, Iraq
Author:  Hedeel Mahmoud Al-Dulaimi, Abdul-Nasir Abdulla Mahdi Al-Tamimi and Hanaa Abdullatif Yassin
Page No. 969 – 982

104. Impact of Shading and Foliar Application with Nutrient Solution on the Growth and Quality of Sweet Orange Fruits CV. Local.
Author:  M. A. Oudah and R. M. Hamad
Page No. 983 – 994

105. Article Under Processing
Page No. 995 – 1015

106. Article Under Processing
Page No. 1016 – 1022

107. A Comprehensive Analysis of Health Care Analytics: Cancer Prediction Perspective
Author:  S. A. Sudha and Dr. R. Sankarasubramanian
Page No. 1023 – 1031

108. Article Under Processing
Page No. 1032 – 1038

109. Article Under Processing
Page No. 1039 – 1046

110. Impact of Workforce Emotional Intelligence on Patient Satisfaction: A Sentiment Analysis Approach Using Supervised Machine Algorithms
Author:  Bharti Motwani, Sharda Haryani, Sukhjeet Matharu and Dilip D
Page No. 1047 – 1057

111. State-of-the-Art Machine Learning for Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease
Author:  Hamzeh Ghorbani, Arsen Minasyan, Harutyun S. Hovhannisyan, Parvin Ghorbani, Simin Ghorbani, Mehrdad Babak Rad, Marieta Davidyan, Natali Minasian, Anahit Mkrtchyan, Eduard Avagyan, Mehdi Ahmadi Alvar and Ali Ghazanfari
Page No. 1058 – 1066

112. Comprehensive Survey of Various Machine Learning Approaches for Intrusion Detection System and Malicious URL  in Cloud Computing
Author:  Swetha T and Dr. Seshaiah Merikapudi
Page No. 1067 - 1081

113. Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention
Author:  Boya Lu and Elango Natarajan
Page No. 1082 – 1094

114. Lane Line and Pothole Detection Using Lidar and Camera 
Author:  R. Sureshkumar and Suraj. S
Page No. 1095 – 1105

115. Application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Predicting Stock Market Fluctuations Innovations with Distributed Information Systems
Author:  Hendra Jayusman, Firman, Hadi Prayitno, Agnes Dwita Susilawati, Frasto Biyanto and Endang Fatmawati
Page No. 1106 – 1119

116. Effect Patients’ Age and ABO Blood Groups with Tumor Markers in Breast Cancer in Kerbala’a Governorate
Author:  Etab Abdul-Ameer Al-Ogla, Jasem Hanoon Hashim Al-Awadi, Haider H. Mohammed Ali and Dr. Haider Jebur kehiosh
Page No. 1120 –1128

117. Enhancing Flood Resilience in Mumbai: A Machine Learning-Based Early Warning System
Author:  Becky Nadar, Brita Nadar, Seema Yadav, Prof. Prachi Patil and Prof. Monali Shetty
Page No. 1129 – 1140

118. Article Under Processing
Page No. 1141 – 1160

119. Dynamic Quantile Multiobjective Dragonfly Optimized HEVC Using Multi-Core Dspfor Robust Multimedia Communication
Author:  Yashaswini M, Dr. K V Prasad and Dr. Hemanth Kumar A R
Page No. 1161 – 1175

120. Study on Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis for Chromosomal Abnormalities Identification
Author:  Jesmitha S, Dr. Manjula T R and Dr. C R Byra Reddy
Page No. 1176 – 1194

121. A Study on Applications Of Nonlinear Differential Equation Using Clairaut’s Equation
Author:  Vezhopalu and Dr. Gitumani Sarma
Page No. 1195 - 1198

122. Analyzing Supply Chain Management Systems in the Indian auto Components Industry
Author:  Rohit Khanna and Dr. Jamal A Farooquie
Page No. 1199 – 1204

123. Assessment of the Investment Potential of the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and Measures to Stimulate Investment Activities
Author:  Tugоlbaeva Daryika M, Nezametdinova Eleonora V, Bazarbaeva Indira D, Toksobaev Bulat T and Sydykov Bakytbek K
Page No. 1205 – 1215

124. Article Under Processing
Page No. 1216 – 1223

125. Forecasting Cotton Growth Area Of Punjab And Haryana Using The Best Fitted Arima Model
Author:  Pooja Devi, Daljeet Kaur and Madhuchanda Rakshit
Page No. 1124 – 1231

126. Technology Integration for Flood Management and Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review & Lessons for Pakistan
Author:  Muhammad Tahir and Mohd Fadzil bin Mohd Idris
Page No. 1232 – 1254

127. Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching Versus Joint Mobilization on Range of Motion and Functional Level in Adhesive Capsulitis Patients
Author:  Nur Fatin Mahamad Radzi, Raja Regan, Yu Chye Wah and Kasmalina Mohd
Page No. 1255 – 1264

128. Effects of Myofascial Release on Popliteus Muscle Versus Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) Exercise among Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis – A Quasi Experimental Study
Author:  Kavinthiran Murty, Raja Regan, Yu Chye Wah and Mahendran Jayaraman
Page No. 1265 – 1270

129. Effect of Myofascial Release in Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Author:  Low Chia Huei, Esha Arora, Yu Chye Wah, Syed Abudaheer K
Page No. 1271 – 1284

130. The Effectiveness of High-Intensity Laser on Pain and Grip Strength among Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Author:  Tharusheni Manimaran, Raja Regen, Yu Chye Wah and Syed Abudaheer K
Page No. 1285 – 1291

131. Medicinal Plants: A Promising Approach for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Author:  Prarthana Kalerammana Gopalakrishna, Barani Karikalan, Vishnumukkala Thirupathi Rao, Venkatesh R Naik, Sreenivasulu Sura, Saravanan Jagadeesan, Gan Quan Fu, John Paul Judson, Kshtrashal Singh and Yu Chye Wah
Page No. 1292 – 1306

132. A Resilient Digital Watermarking Approach for Digital Images using Probabilistic Neural System
Author:  Dr Lakshmana Rao Battarusetty, S.V. Chiranjeevi, A Venkateswarlu, Mutyalaiah Paricherla, M Sujana and P Chandrakala
Page No. 1307 – 1315

133. Article Under Processing
Page No. 

134. Efficient Low-Power 8T Sram Design with Schmitt Trigger Logic
Author:  C. Chandra Vamshi, Dr M. Rajendra Prasad and G Nagendra
Page No. 1336 - 1344

135. Simulation of Optimized Low Power 4-Bit Processor using 32nm Technology
Author:  K Prasad Babu, Dr. K.E. Sreenivasa Murthy and Dr. M.N. Giri Prasad
Page No. 1345 – 1370

136. Simulation of Low Power 16-Bit Processor using Cadence - 45nm Foundry Technology
Author:  K Prasad Babu, Dr. K.E. Sreenivasa Murthy and Dr. M.N. Giri Prasad
Page No. 1371 – 1400

137. Performance Analysis on Integration of Solar, Wind Power Plant with Diesel Power Plant for Electric Vehicle Application
Author:  P.Venkatesan, K A Ramesh Kumar, P.Jamuna Rani3 and S.Uma
Page No. 1401 – 1414

138. Effective Deep Learning Model to Diagnose Plant Disease and Identify the Location of the Spread
Author:  Ms. Vidhya R and Ms. G Sandhya
Page No. 1415 – 1424

139. Blood Levels of Micorna-21 in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Iraqi Population
Author:  Huda B. Al-Lami, Ramzi Zemni and Ammar Gany Yassin
Page No. 1425 – 1430

140. The Impact to the Economy from Fake Reviews on Fintech Products: A Systematic Literature Review
Author:  Hamdi Agustin, Norhayati binti Rosli, Lo Hai Hung and Imelda Atastina
Page No. 1431 – 1441

141. Predicting Power Output of a Combined Cycle Power Plant Using Ml Models
Author:  Kshitiz Singh Chauhan, Harsh and Gaurav Yadav
Page No. 1442 – 1453

142. Simulation of a Railroad Intersection Using PTV Vissim: A Case Study of the Abdurahman Saleh-Garuda Railroad Intersection in the City of Bandung
Author:  Dadang Mohamad and Muhammad Anelka Saiful Qashmal
Page No. 1454 – 1467

143. Secure and Energy Efficient Route Evaluation Using Trust Value in Wireless Sensor Network
Author:  J. Joselin and S. Indumathi
Page No. 1468 – 1472

144. Investigating the Feasibility of Drip Irrigation for Water Conservation in Sugarcane Cultivation
Author:  Dr. Kulvinder Kaur
Page No. 1473 – 1480

145. Simultaneously Optimum Machining Parameters Selection for Facing Process of Inconel 718
Author:  P. Selvarani, J.S. Senthil Kumaar, Muthaih A and S. Thamizhmanii
Page No. 1481 – 1489

146. A Systematic Framework Utilizing Dynamic Programming Approach for Enhanced Operational Integrity in Machine Tools
Author:  Olugbenga Adegbemisola Aderoba 
Page No. 1490 – 1502

147. SentivarLSTM: Student Sentiment Variation Analysis Through Dataset Normalization
Author:  Mr. M. Subramaniakumar and Dr. D. Maheswari 
Page No. 1503 – 1521

148. Fuzzy Logic Control of a 400 KV Transmission Line by a Statcom Based  on NPC Multilevel Voltage Inverters
Author:  Leila Boukarana, Sid Ali Fellag and Idir Habi
Page No. 1522 – 1547

149. The Ukraine War in BBC News: A Big Data Analysis
Author:  Namkil Kang
Page No. 1548 – 1555

150. Path Loss Prediction in the Tropics using Broadcast Signal: A Deep Learning Framework
Author:  Oluwole John Famoriji and Thokozani Shongwe
Page No. 1556 – 1565

151. Enhancing Concept Drift Classification in Computer Networks with Artificial Intelligence through NCDC-DM: A Novel Approach Utilizing Diversity Measure
Author:  Dr. Vaibhav B. Magdum, Dr. Rajkumar K. Chougale, Dr. Manoj Tarambale, Dr. Amrapali Shivajirao Chavan, Dr. Chetan Nimba Aher. and Dr Veena Suhas Bhende
Page No. 1566 – 1578

152. A Novel and Hybrid MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Electronic System
Author:  Muhammad Kamran, Inam Ullah, Sanaul Haq, Imtiaz Rasool, Faiz Ullah and Aman Khan
Page No. 1579 – 1589

153. Analysis of the Planning Information of the Yemen Regional Source Network Load and Storage
Author:  Sadeq Mohammed Qaid Al-Fakih and Li Jinchao
Page No. 1590 – 1617

154. Facial Disease Detection Via Transfer Learning: Bridging Face Recognition and Medical Diagnosis
Author:  Mr K. Koteswara Chari, Amberi Jayanth, Boredha Anusha and Challa Mounika
Page No. 1618 – 1626

155. Smart Voting System Using Computer Vision & Deep Learning
Author:  Mr. T. Rakesh Kumar, A. Pavan Kumar, B. Varun Raj and D.Sai Praneeth
Page No. 1627 – 1633

156. Two Warehouse EOQ Model for Imperfect Quality Items With Stock and Time Dependent Demand & Learning Effect Under Trade Credit Financing Policy Subject to Partial Backlogging
Author:  Dr. D. Chitra and G. Mahalakshmi
Page No. 1634 – 1650

157. An EOQ Model for Time Deteriorating Items With Parabolic Demand Under Partial Backlogging and Two-Level Partial Credit Financing Policy
Author:  Dr. D. Chitra and R. Sandhya
Page No. 1651 – 1668

158. The Investigation of Electrochemical Corrosion of Steel Rebars in a Concrete Environment
Author:  Mohammed Saleh Al Ansari
Page No. 1669 – 1687

159. Electrohydrodynamic Flow and its Application in Advanced Drying Systems
Author:  Sumariyah, SH Pratiwi, K. Sofyan Firdausi and Muhammad Nur
Page No. 1688 – 1700

160. Sustainable Pavement Construction: A Comprehensive Overview of Waste Plastic Utilization in Bituminous Mixtures
Author:  Alam, R. S., Hussain, H. A. and Sarkar, R. K.
Page No. 1701 – 1709

161. Efficient Hybrid Novel Clustering Based Energy Harvesting WSN Based IOT Applications
Author:  Dr. A. Devi, Mr. M. Gnanaparthiban and Ms. S. Gayathri.
Page No. 1710 – 1720

162. A Novel Multi-Biometric Image Pre-Processing Using Dynamic Clip-Value Based Image Pre-Processing Technique
Author:  Dr. S. Sujiya, Mr. R. Arunpandian and Ms. K. Hemalatha.
Page No. 1721 – 1727

163. Regulate Artificail Intelligence in Responsible Way (Review)
Author:  Rizwan Hameed and Faisal Rehman
Page No. 1728 – 1740

164. Impact of Stress and Anxiety on Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Hyderabad During Covid-19 Pandemic
Author:  Dr. Gajanethi Swathi Kumari
Page No. 1741 – 1753

165. Optimization of the Tilt-Angle and Climatic Factors of a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System Through Experimental and Regression Analysis Modeling
Author:  Emmanuel Olusegun Ogundimu, Coneth Graham Richards, Chigbo Mgbemene and Pieter Johannes Ehlers
Page No. 1754 – 1768

166. Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning Techniques for Bottleneck Identification And Optimization in Version Control and CI/CD
Author:  Amarjeet Singh and Alok Aggarwal
Page No. 1769 – 1775

167. Advanced Fault Detection and Identification in Brushless DC Motors Using Artificial Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory
Author:  Preethi P Nair And Dr. Smitha B
Page No. 1776 – 1791

168. A Novel Feature-Based Bending Sequence Planning for Sheet Metal Components for Rail Parts
Author:  Eriyeti Murena, Khumbulani Mpofu and Wilfred Dube
Page No. 1792 – 1809

169. AI-Powered Project Management: Myth or Reality? Analyzing the Integration and Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Project Environments
Author:  Syeda Fatema Jannat, Md Saikat Ahmed, Shahab Anas Rajput and Sakib Hasan
Page No. 1810 – 1820