International journal of applied engineering and technology    

Vol. 5 No. S6 (Oct - Dec 2023)

1. Prediction Disease Using Different Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
Author:  T. Vinoth Kumar and Dr. R. Latha
Page No. 1 – 23

2. Organizing SDC (Sensor Duty Cycling) on Incident Recognition Using two Way Long Short-Term Memory Using Artificial Internet of Things (AIOT) Succeeding Generations
Author:  Ganesh Raja. M  and Dr. S. Jeyalaksshmi
Page No. 24 – 28

3. Stock Trend Prediction Model Based on RBF-SVM Algorithm
Author:  Shalinigayathri. D and A.S. Arunachalam
Page No. 29 – 35

4. Impact of Corona Pandemic on the Life of Students in India
Author:  Keshav Shukla, Adarsh Pandey, Shubhra Shukla, Nidhi Tripathi, Shikha Saxena, Shveta Malhotra, Anamika Singh and Deepti Shukla
Page No. 36 – 48

5. Review and Analysis of Carbon Emissions in Different Commercial Buildings Forms
Author:  Harshal Kansara and Dr. Digant A. Pastagia
Page No. 49 – 55

6. Sentiment Analysis with Aspect-Specific Opinion Using Bert Embeddings and K-Means Clustering
Author:  Srawan Nath, Anil Pal, Richa Rawal
Page No. 56 – 66

7. A Novel Multi-Modal Biometric System for Human Computer Interaction
Author:  Ishrat Begum and Dr. Meena Chaudhary
Page No. 67 – 72

8. Identification of Key Facilitators by Using A Multi-Criteriadecision-Making Approach
Author:  Sejal Bhagat and Dr. Ravin M. Tailor
Page No. 73 – 80

9. Resourceful Minimum-Process Impeccable Reclamation Line Accretion Protocol for Fault-Tolerant Mobile Distributed Systems
Author:  Ruchi Ohri amd Dr. S. P. Singh
Page No. 81 – 89

10. Low Power and Area Efficient FPGA-Based True Random Number Generation based on LUT Variant Ring Oscillators
Author:  S. Harish, T. Rammohan, C. Iswarya, Jisha Mathew and Anjitha N K
Page No. 90 – 97

11. Integrated Approach to Design and Construction of Civil Engineering Structures in India: A Materials-Focused Review
Author:  Vishwas Malik, Akash Malik and Arun Kumar
Page No. 98 – 106

12. A Study of Both Traditional and Ann Vibration-Based Gear Defect Monitoring and Prediction Systems
Author:  Manoj Jagdale, Naren Kate, Amol Dhumal, Vijay Marathe and Vishal Ambhore
Page No. 107 – 117

13. Advancements in Solar Desalination: A Comprehensive Review on the Application of Hybrid Nanofluids in Solar Stills
Author:  Manish C. Bhatt, Dr. Jignesh G. Vaghasia and Dr. Urvisha M. Lathiya
Page No. 118 – 124

14. Enhancing Shopping Experiences with Recommender System Based on Machine Learning for Big Basket
Author:  Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Deepa.P. Sukumaran, Anand Mohanrao Magar, Waseem Ahmad, Anto Pratheesh Jose T and Divya Sharma
Page No. 125 – 135

15. An Automated Deep Learning Based Speech Emotion Recognition System
Author:  Vilas Ramrao Joshi, Kailash Nath Tripathi, Ashima Jain, Twinkle, Ayush Sharma and Anita Kumari
Page No. 136 - 148

16. Building a Greener Future:  Recycled Plastics as Sustainable Construction Material
Author:  Bhagirathi Tripathy
Page No. 149 – 154