International journal of applied engineering and technology    

Vol. 5 No. S3 (May - June 2023)

1. Condition Monitoring of a Hydraulic Pump Based on Vibration Signatures
Author:  Sunilkumar Rajaram Patil, Dr. P.K Singh and Dr. Sharad S. Mulik
Page No. 1 – 4

2. Virtual Reality Remote Interactive Collaboration in Facilities Management Using IoT
Author:  Shrikant Sarjerao Bobade, Dr. Amar Singh and Dr. G.V Patil
Page No. 5 – 8

3. Study of CUCL3 and FECL3 Etchants on Geometrical Features using Photochemical Machining of Steels
Author:  Shaha Sandeep Ramesh, Dr. R. Rajaraman and Prof. (Dr.) Gujar Anant Kumar Jotiram
Page No. 9 – 12

4. The Recent Research on Machine Learning Algorithms
Author:  Yadav Sangeeta Ramchandra and Sanjay Singh Bhadoria
Page No. 13 – 32

5. Optimization of Edge Detection in Image Processing Using Ant and Bee Colony Algorithms
Author:  Renu Ahlawat
Page No. 33 – 41