International journal of applied engineering and technology    

Vol. 5 No. S2 (Mar - Apr 2023)

1. IoT Enabled Efficient Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Classification Using LSTM-FCL Network
Author:  L. Subash and Dr. G. Arulselvi
Page No. 1 – 20

2. Fostering a Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem in the United States
Author:  Jayesh Jhurani, Saurabh Suman Choudhuri and Premkumar Reddy
Page No. 21 – 27

3. Exploring PVA Fiber Reinforced Bendable Concrete: A Sustainable Approach
Author:  Dr. Theerthananda M P, Dr. Naveen G M and Jayaprasad B
Page No. 28 – 36

4. Key Variables in the Participation of University Students in Exchange Programs
Author:  Piedad Mary Martelo Gómez, Raúl José Martelo Gómez and Carlos Alberto Severiche Sierra
Page No. 37 – 43

5. Beyond the Hype: Assessing Actual Returns – A Study of IPO Earnings in 2022-2023
Author:  Dr. Pratima. Singh, Vicky. Kukreja, Tushar. Shah and Ravi. Vishwakarma
Page No. 44 – 60

6. Review on Use of Plastic Waste in Civil Construction
Author:  Ajay Kumar Singh, Preeti Tiwari, Pooja Singh and Dr. Jayant D. Supe
Page No. 61 – 66

7. Hybrid AI/ML Models that Combine the Strengths of Different Algorithms for Improved Performance and Efficiency in Financial Risk Management
Author:  Rajiv Avacharmal
Page No. 67 – 74

8. Comprehensive Review of Design Methods for Flexible and Rigid Pavements: A Cost Analysis Approach
Author:  Hunendra kumar, Meghal Dewangan, Kaminee Rathore and Dr Jayant Supe
Page No. 75 – 88

9. Implementation and Analysis of Modified Motion Detection Alogrithm for Monitoring of Exercise Executed
Author:  Anju Gupta
Page No. 89 - 106