7. A Method for Cable Fault Diagnosis and Time Synchronization Compatible with both CAN and CAN-FD

Author:  Jongbae Lee, Choongchae Woo                                                  DOWNLOAD   


Date of Submission: 19th August 2023                   Revised: 29th August 2023                 Accepted: 5th September 2023



This paper introduces a method for diagnosing cable faults and achieving time synchronization in automotive CAN networks. It proposes a "bus check frame" approach, enabling simultaneous fault diagnosis and synchronization using existing CAN data frames. The method's compatibility with CAN and CAN-FD protocols is highlighted. The approach is experimentally validated, demonstrating efficient fault diagnosis, accurate synchronization, and improved network resilience. 

Key words/Index Terms 

fault diagnosis, fault location identification, Fault Tolerance, IVN (In-Vehicle Network).

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Jongbae Lee, Choongchae Woo (2023). A method for cable fault diagnosis and time synchronization compatible with both CAN and CAN-FD, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(3), pp. 51-60.   

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