International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology

Vol. 2 No. 1 (January-June, 2020)

ISSN: 2633-4828

1. Optimized Hybrid Data Structure Analysis in Sparse Volume Data through 
Layering Approach

Author: Caizhe Wang

Received: 15th March 2020        Revised: 19th May 2020        Accepted: 26th May 2020

 2. Emotion Cognition Ability for Learner Centric Intelligent Tutoring Through Recommendation 

     Author: Jialin Hao  

     Received: 16th March 2020        Revised: 25th May 2020        Accepted: 30th May 2020


3. Simplified Methods to Analysis Data in MapReduce

Author: Guofu Zhang


Received: 18th March 2020        Revised: 26th May 2020         Accepted: 6th June 2020


4. Key-Point Features for Multi-Script Identification in Scene Images: Analysis of Texture and Binary System

Author: Hongbo Han & Hua Li


Received: 30th March 2020        Revised: 29th May 2020        Accepted: 12th June 2020


5. Nearest Emergency Services Finder during Emergency

Author: Yoshiteru Miyamoto (Japan)


Received: 12th April 2020         Revised: 30th May 2020            Accepted: 15th June 2020

6. Transfer Learning Based Fine-Grained Birds Image Classification

Author: Tahreem. Hamid and Waqar. Ahmad


Received: 16th March 2020         Revised: 30th May 2020            Accepted: 19th June 2020