Socioanthropic Studies

ISSN: 2634-4599


1.   Comparing Chinese and American Media Systems Journalism, Technology, and Change 

Author: Jeffrey S. Wilkinson &  August E. Grant                        DOWNLOAD


2.  Exotic Landscapes and Ethnic Frontiers China‚Äôs National Minorities on Film

                     Author:  Karsten Krueger                             DOWNLOAD


3.  Meditating the different Concepts of Corporate Criminal Liability in England and Germany-Philosophical Insights on Comparative Law
Author: Susanne Beck                         DOWNLOAD


4.   Understanding the Orient: Dr. Kiang Kang-Hu and the Foundation to Chinese Studies in Canada 

Author: Kenneth Lan                             DOWNLOAD


5.   Impact of Physical Abuse on the Health of the Working Children in a City of Bangladesh 

Author: Profulla C. Sarker &  Mohammed Shamim Khan                  DOWNLOAD


           6.   Mental Health of Arsenicosis Patients

               Author:  Mahbuba Kaniz Keya, Hamida Akhtar Begum & A. B. M. Zarihul Haque                         DOWNLOAD