Associate Editors

Samuel Amstutz
University of Avignon, France
(Shape Optimization, Topological Sensitivity Analysis)

Ismat Beg
Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
(Fixed Point Theory, Fuzzy Set Theory, Ordered Vector Spaces and Linear Operators, Best Approximations, Mathematical Economics)

Vieri Benci
Universita di Pisa
(Nonlinear Analysis)

Vasile Berinde
North University of Baia Mare, Romania
(Fixed Point Theory)

Regina Burachik
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Mawson Lakes Campus, Australia
(Optimization, Convex Analysis,Non-smooth Analysis,Set-Valued Analysis,Variational Inequalities,Proximal-like Methods)


Ljubomir Ciric
University of Belgrade, Serbia
(Fixed Point Theory)

Sever S. Dragomir
Victoria University, Australia
(Classical Mathematical Analysis, Convex Functions, Best Approximation, Numerical Integration,Geometry of Banach Spaces, Operator Theory, Variational Methods, Volterra Integral Equations, Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations)

Mohamed Amine Khamsi
University of Texas, United States of America
(Fixed Point Theory, Geometry of Banach Spaces, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Logic Programming, Discrete Mathematics : Ordered Set and Trellises)

Juan Enrique Martinez Legaz
Universitat de Barcelona

Mohamed Masmoudi
Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
(Shape Optimization)

Nicola Mastronardi
Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "M.Picone", Bari, Italy
(Numerical Linear Algebra, Medical Signal Processing)

M.Z. Nashed
University of Central Florida, Orlando
(Integral and Operator Equations, Inverse and Ill-posed Problems, Numerical and Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Optimization and Approximation Theory, Operator Theory, Optimal Control Theory, Signal Analysis and Signal Processing )

Olivier Pironneau
University of Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie), France
( Optimization and Control, Shape Optimization)

Calogero Vetro
Universit√É  degli Studi di Palermo, Italy
(Fixed Point Theory, Functional Analysis, Operational Research, Mathematical Programming,Operator theory )

Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics 
Bapatla Engineering college