Journal of Social Sciences


Research Article

Pharaonic or Ottoman in Modern Egyptian Culture: Consequences of Immigration

Dina Aly Ezzat                                                                       Download PDF

Job Satisfaction and Family Functioning of Dual-Earner Commuter Family in Malaysia

Farah Syuhada Pai and Zarinah Arshat                                 Download PDF

Does Monetary Policy Stimulates Macroeconomic Performance during Economic Downturn in Nigeria?

Bashir Adelowo Wahab and Sam-Siso Ebasi Okrinya                                   Download PDF

Participatory Territorial Approaches: The Municipal Culture Agendas, Identity and Local Knowledge

Alejandro Noboa, Mariano Suárez and Natalie Robaina                                      Download PDF

Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing in the Public Sector. The Case of Greek General Chemical State Laboratory under the Greek Crisis

Athanasios Vazakidis and Eleftheria Kyriakidou                                    Download PDF

Literature Review

Changing Accusation in the First Instance: One Step Forward in Criminal Procedure Law

Daniel M. Assad                                                                 Download PDF

Unified Model of Global Wellbeing as Index of Spirituality and Socio-Economic Development: The Islamic Economic Approach

Masudul Alam Choudhury                                                Download PDF

Public Opinion About Ramadan and Obesity in Egypt

Dina Aly Ezzat and Augustine J. Kposowa                                                     Download PDF

The European Miracle Psychological Stages and the Origin of Modern Society

Georg Oesterdiekhoff, Jörn Rüsen and Hans-Jürgen Hummell                                       Download PDF

Case Report

Violence on Social Media: An Exploration into the Online Expressions of Adolescents from Marginalized Areas of Greater Buenos Aires

Joaquín Walter Linne and María Florencia Angilletta                                     Download PDF