International Journal of Applied Engineering & Technology

Vol. 2 No. 2 (July-December, 2020)

ISSN: 2633-4828

1. Performance of JavaScript-based IoT Service Platform

Author: Yong-Chih Huang


Received: 15th June 2020       Revised: 29th July 2020             Accepted: 12th August 2020


2. A Survey on IN-SITU Metadata Processing Analysis Big Data Environment

Author: Hirohito Ren


Received: 30th June 2020                Revised: 19th July 2020             Accepted: 15th August 2020


3. Implementation and Design of a FPGA Based Games

Author: Chih-Cheng Wu


Received: 15th July 2020             Revised: 19th August 2020        Accepted: 19th September 2020


4. Security Threats and Measures to Protect in Wireless Sensor Networks on an Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Author: Peng Cai


Received: 16th July 2020         Revised: 22nd August 2020        Accepted: 21st September 2020



5. Analysis of Content Transfer System Using JavaScript in Mobiles and telecom Devices

Author: Yan Hui


Received: 28th July 2020            Revised: 29th August 2020        Accepted: 23rd September 2020

6. Challenges for Securing Big Data in Cloud Computing

Author: Veerpal Kaur 


Received: 30th July 2020            Revised: 30th August 2020        Accepted: 25th September 2020

7. B-Spline Krawczyk Polynomial System Solver

Author: Deepak Gawali 


Received: 30th July 2020            Revised: 30th August 2020        Accepted: 26th September 2020