International Journal of Applied Science 


Engineering Research 


Vol. 4 No. 2 (December, 2019)


11. Wear Studies on Wrought and Heat treated Nimonic, Titanium and Superco Super Alloys

Authors: N Jegadeeswaran, Udaya Bhat K, Ramesh M R                              
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12. CFD Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer of Lithium Bromide Flow over Absorber Circular Tubes

Authors: A.I. Shehata , M.M. Abo Elazm                                 
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13.Dry Spell Analysis for Effective Water Management Planning

Authors: Kandasamy P, Chellamuthu M.                                  
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14. Ultimate Shear Strength of Fibrous Moderate Deep Beams Without Stirrup

Authors: Vinu R. Patel, I. I. Pandya                           
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15. Strength Comparison of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Wrapped Concrete Exposed to High Temperature

Authors: Ponmalar.V                             
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16. Simulation and measurement of the voltage distribution on high voltage suspension Porcelain insulator string under pollution condition

Authors: Mohammad Bagher Asadpoor et al.,                       
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17 .Effect of reinforcements and heat treatment on tensile strength of Al-Si-Mg based hybrid composite

Authors: M.Sreenivasa reddy et al.,                         
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18. Assessment of Airborne Bacteria in open Sewage Associated Environment

Authors: Pathak A.K, Verma K. S                            
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19.Identification of the challenges ahead of the Spin-off companies: A case study of science and technology park, University of Tehran

Authors: Latif Karimi Sureh et al.,                            
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