International Journal of Applied Science 


Engineering Research 


Vol. 1 No. 2 (December, 2016)

1. Effect of Oxalic Acid on Rice Husk

Authors: Olawale O et al                            Full PDF


2. Explosive Detection – An Integrated Technique 

Authors: P. Shoba                           Full PDF


3.Expert System Knowledge Acquisition for Melasma Skin Diagnosis and Treatment with Thai Herbal Medicine 

Authors: Pornchai Nopparatkiat et al                                   Full PDF


4. Cyclonic Track Analysis using GIS over the Bay of Bengal 

Authors: Siddiki, Ubaydur Rahaman et al                        Full PDF


5. Electromagnetic Modeling of the breakdown Phenomenon in P.E.F. Liquid food Treatments 

Authors: Andre YOUMSSI et al                            Full PDF


6. Effect of Coagulant Protein from Parkinsonia Aculeata Seed and Citrus Juice on Bacteria Isolated from Ruvu River in Tanzania

Authors: N. J. Marobhe, R. K. Gunaratna                 Full PDF