International Journal of Applied Science 


Engineering Research 


Vol. 1 No. 1 (June, 2016)

1. Habitability and Biogenic Effects on Planetary Atmospheres 

Authors: Bhattacharya A.B, Raha B                      Full PDF


2. Design of low power RF to DC Generator for Energy Harvesting Application 

Authors: Naimul Hasan, Santu Kumar Giri                           Full PDF


3. Variation of Fluoride and Correlation with Alkalinity in Groundwater of Shallow and Deep Aquifers- A Aase Study in and around Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh 

Authors: Sunitha V et al                                      Full PDF


4. Microcontroller based data acquisition system for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Measurement

Authors: Nazneen Akhter et al                                        Full PDF


5. Petrographic and Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils developed over Different {arent Rocks in Ago-Iwoye area, Southwestern Nigeria 

Authors: Bayewu O.O al                                                       Full PDF


6. Quantum Chemical Studies on Crystal Structure of 1, 1’ sulfonyldiimidazole 

Authors: Patel U.H, Patel B.D                             Full PDF


7. Heavy Metals Pollution Assessment in Industrial Area Soil of Mysore city, Karnataka, India 

Authors: Shiva kumar D, Srikantaswamy S                                   Full PDF


8. Study on Strength Parameters of Steel Fiber Reinforced high Strength Concrete 

Authors: Raikar R.V, Karjinni V. V, Gundakalle V.D                                        Full PDF


9. The effect of Chemical Admixtures on the Geotechnical Parameters of Organic Soil: a new Statistical Model 

Authors: Islam M. Rafizul et al                                               Full PDF


10. Evaluation of Service Quality in Hospital using Fuzzy Reasoning Approach 

Authors: Sushama Dhote, Keswani I.P                                       Full PDF


11. Behaviour of Multistoried Building under the Effect of Wind Load 

Authors: Swati D.Ambadkar, Vipul S. Bawner                            Full PDF