9. Classification of Heart Disease Using Fuzzy C-means Algorithm (FCM) in an Internet of Things Environment

Author:  Omar Larbi, Abdesselam Bassou                                                                     DOWNLOAD                                      


Date of Submission: 9th July 2023                           Revised: 29th August 2023                 Accepted: 5th September 2023         



Heart diseases ailments persist as a significant source of global morbidity and mortality. Timely identification and precise categorization of these ailments play a pivotal role in enabling efficacious treatment and preventive measures. Leveraging technological advancements, The Internet of Things has evolved into a potent tool for monitoring and managing healthcare systems. This paper endeavors to investigate the utilization of the fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm for the classification of cardiac disorders within an IoT framework, with the primary objective of attaining favourable predictive outcomes. This pursuit involves a comparative assessment against pre-existing outcomes within the database to ascertain the algorithm's efficacy.  

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Heart diseases, IoT, Preventive measures, Fuzzy C-means algorithm (FCM), Classification.

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Omar Larbi and Abdesselam Bassou (2023), Classification of Heart Disease Using Fuzzy C-means Algorithm (FCM) in an Internet of Things Environment, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(3), pp. 69-76.   

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