5. PI Arduino for a Bucket Milking Machine Speed Control

Author:  Bopit Bubphachot and Apinan Aurasopon                                                         DOWNLOAD         


Date of Submission: 1st July 2023                Revised: 10th August 2023                   Accepted: 22nd August 2023



This study addresses the issue of power loss in bucket milking machines caused by using a traditional AC motor running at full speed to create vacuum levels in the milking system. To mitigate this inefficiency, we propose a speed control system for the milking machine, enabling the motor to operate more efficiently relative to the vacuum level required for milking.Our system utilizes a pressure sensor module to measure the vacuum level within the milking system. The collected data is then processed by a Proportional-Integral (PI) controller, implemented through an Arduino board, to generate a control signal. This signal is fed into a Sinusoidal Pulse-Width Modulation (SPWM) module, which regulates the motor's speed with a fundamental voltage proportional to the fundamental frequency (Volts per Hertz, V/Hz).Through this control approach, the vacuum pump motor's speed is finely tuned to match the desired vacuum level, thereby reducing power consumption and avoiding the losses encountered in traditional regulator control systems. 

To validate the effectiveness of our proposed method, we conducted tests on a bucket milking machine with a 1-phase motor rated at 746 watts and a speed of 1,440 rounds per minute (rpm), using electric power as an indicator. The experimental results clearly demonstrate that our speed control system outperforms the conventional regulator control system by consuming less power. Moreover, the proposed system showcases its adaptability in compensating for extrusion pipe leaks. In case of a leak, the control system adjusts the motor speed to maintain a constant vacuum level, ensuring the smooth operation of the milking process.

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Bucket milking machine, PI controller, Arduino, SPWM, inverter.

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Bopit Bubphachot and Apinan Aurasopon (2023), PI Arduino for a Bucket Milking Machine Speed Control, International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology 5(3), pp.33-40 

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