International Journal of  Applied 

Engineering Research

ISSN: 2666-2795

Vol. 3 No. 2 (July-December, 2018)

   1.  Experimental Analysis of Thermal Withstanding Capacity

Submitted: 18th September 2018      Revised: 8th October 2018         Accepted:  15th October 2018                          Full PDF


   2.  Comparitative Study of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced with Different Grades

Submitted: 25th October 2018      Revised: 19th November 2018         Accepted:  10th December 2018               Full PDF


    3. Image Compression Techniques

Submitted: 13th September 2018      Revised: 17th October 2018         Accepted:  09th November 2018                           Full PDF


    4.  Experimental Model to analysis and Predict Seed Classes Using Machine Learning Technology

Submitted: 25th October 2018      Revised: 30th November 2018         Accepted:  15th December 2018                             Full PDF


    5.  Multipath Dynamic Source Routing for MANETS

Submitted: 14th  November 2018      Revised: 07th December 2018         Accepted:  25th December 2018              Full PDF