International Journal of 


Engineering Research

ISSN: 2666-2795

Vol. 4 No. 1 (January-June, 2019)


   1.Reduction of the Seismic Response of the Structure

   Author: Brahim, A., Abdelhafid, O.

Submitted: 06th  April 
2019      Revised: 17th May 2019         Accepted:  25th May 2019                   Full PDF              Buy Article


   2.Wind Energy Potential

   Author: Wan Nik, W.B., Ahmad, M.F., Ibrahim, M.Z., Samo, K.B., Muzathik, A.M.

Submitted: 11th  April  2019      Revised: 13th May 2019         Accepted:  26th May 2019                    Full PDF              Buy Article


   3. Making Assessment of deterioration Behaviour

   Author: Omotosho, O.A., Ajayi, O.O., Fayomi, O.S.I., Ifepe, V.O.

Submitted: 14th  April 2019      Revised: 23rd May 2018         Accepted:  11th June 2019                     Full PDF              Buy Article

   4. Behavior of Aluminum/Beryl Composites

   Author: Reddappa, H.N., Suresh, K.R., Niranjan, H.B., Satyanarayana, K.G.

Submitted: 12th  March 2019      Revised: 27th April 2019         Accepted:  15th May 2019                          Full PDF              Buy Article

   5. Drake equation to encapsulate the Probable Number of Broadcasting Civilizations         


Submitted: 02nd April 2019      Revised: 04th May 2019         Accepted:  25th June 2019              Full PDF              Buy Article