International Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Vol. 5 No. 1 (January-June, 2020)


1.      Generalisations System of b closed sets

Submitted: 1st  March 2020      Revised: 11th April 2020         Accepted:  15th April 2020                        Full PDF

2.      Study of Refrigeration System in car by using alternate refrigerant 

Submitted: 12th  January 2020      Revised: 07th April 2020         Accepted:  19th May 2020                        Full PDF  

3.      Fuzzy model Use for Thermistor conductors

Submitted: 11th  March 2020      Revised: 13th May 2020         Accepted:  3rd May 2020                             Full PDF

4.      Multi-objective optimization & investigations of friction drilling process

Submitted: 23rd February 2020      Revised: 22nd March 2020         Accepted:  27th  March 2020                                   Full PDF


5.      Coding Design schema for VQ-based Monaural Segregation

Submitted: 4th  March 2020      Revised: 23rd April 2020         Accepted:  29th May 2020                       Full PDF