Asian Journal of Management 


Vol. 6 No. 2 (December, 2020)


    1. The relationship between leadership behaviors and front-line service employees’ customer orientation in the Thai hotel industry 

Suthinee Rurkkhum                                             DOWNLOAD

Received: 12th July 2020           Revised: 15th October 2020            Accepted: 21st November 2020


    2. Rythu bazaars – A study of the benefits received by farmers

Subhendu Dey                                DOWNLOAD

Received: 17th July 2020          Revised: 29th October 2020         Accepted: 10th December 2020


   3. Price volatility of selected high value vegetables in cordillera administrative region, Philippines

Samuel L. Duyan, Leopoldo N. Tagarino                             DOWNLOAD

Received: 28th July 2020        Revised: 30th October 2020        Accepted: 16th December 2020


    4. Non-retail franchising business model: Factors for strategic decisions in the formation phase

Jirat Sirichalermpong, Chuvej Chansa-ngavej                 DOWNLOAD

Received: 02nd July 2020           Revised: 25th October 2020            Accepted: 01st November 2020


    5. Construct validation on organizational strategies and performance dimensions using confirmatory factor analysis 

Author: Haim Hilman, Narentheren Kaliappen                       

Received: 12th June 2020           Revised: 13th October 2020          Accepted: 11th November 2020


    6. The role of informal economy and the ethics in manage the human resource and business

Arsim GJINOVCI                                      DOWNLOAD

Received: 22nd June 2020       Revised: 25th October 2020           Accepted: 19th November 2020