Asian Journal of Management 


Vol. 6 No. 1 (2020)


   1. Vertical Linkage and Firm’s Performance in Supporting Industries in Vietnam

Nham Phong Tuan  , Takahashi Yoshi                  DOWNLOAD


   2. Critical success factors for sustainable housing: a framework from the project management view

Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, Arman Abd Razak, Shardy Abdullah, Aidah Awang, Vasanthi Perumal   DOWNLOAD


   3. Global Financial Crisis: Chinese Stock Market Efficiency

Faiq Mahmood, Xia Xinping, Humera Shahid, Muhammad Usman                           DOWNLOAD


   4. Strategic planning for a food Industry Equipment manufacturing factory, Using SWOT Analysis, QSPM, and MAUT models

Author: Mohammad Reza Shojaei, Nima Saeb Taheri, Mohammad Amin Mighani             


   5. Study of the relation of Customer Service and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author: Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Khaksar  , Nawaser Khaled  , Afshar Jahanshahi Asghar      DOWNLOAD


   6. Weighting the Criteria of Brand Selecting in Beverage Industries in Iran

Author: Naser Hamidi  , Pouya Majd Pezeshki  , Abolfazl Moradian                      DOWNLOAD


   7. Behavior of Information Asymmetry during SEOs Issue Process: Evidence from China

Author: Humera Shahid  , Xia Xinping  , Faiq Mahmood  , Muhammad Usman             DOWNLOAD


   8. Examining Strategic Issues in Merger of Asian and Western MNCs: Holistic Cross Cultural Imperatives

Author: Sajal Kabiraj              DOWNLOAD


   9. Emotional Intelligence emerging as a significant tool for Female Information Technology professionals in managing role conflict and enhancing quality of WorkLife and Happiness

Author: Mallika Dasgupta                         DOWNLOAD


   10. Innovation Quality Management in Agricultural R & D Organizations Mapping Innovation Quality and Performance

Author: Rana. A. S  , Nanda. S. K  , Sontakki. B.S                        DOWNLOAD