VOLUME 4, NO 1 - 2018 


1. Customer satisfaction in mobile telephony: An analysis of major telecommunication service providers in Nigeria

Author(s)- Ode Egena pp 1-11                      FULL PDF

2. The role of informal economy and the ethics in manage the human resource and business

Author(s)- Arsim GJINOVCI pp 12-18                     FULL PDF


3. Inhibiting factors of improving E-business in developing countries (Case study with focus in Iran)

Author(s)- Mina Yazdanipour, Farid Mahalati pour pp 19-26               FULL PDF

4. Second career of women professionals in India: A corporate perspective

Author(s)- Saundarya Rajesh pp 27-47                          FULL PDF

5. Revisiting MBA education in India

Author(s)- Prafulla Kumar Das pp 48-56                    FULL PDF

6. Study of organizational culture and organizational change

Author(s)- Filip Ilie pp 57-74                  FULL PDF

7. Problem and expectations of judges from media in judicial decision making

Author(s)- Mili Singh, Amit Kumar Singh pp 75-82              FULL PDF

8. Empirical analysis of evaluation of line managers perceptions towards safety in an Indian construction organization

Author(s)- Raja Prasad SVS, Prasada Rao YVSSSV pp 83-91            FULL PDF

9. Evaluation of the scope and influencers’ of social media marketing

Author(s)- Varsha Khattri, Nidhi Vishnoi Sharma pp 92-104             FULL PDF

10. Business excellence models based on vedic hindu philosophy

Author(s)- Brijesh Goswami and Vandana Mittal pp 105-113                      FULL PDF

11. Value at risk methodology for measuring performance of mutual funds

Author(s)- Anu Sahi et al pp 114-129                  FULL PDF

12. Factors influencing the level of adoption of Internet banking: An integration of TAM and Web Trust Model

Author(s)- Muneesh Kumar et al pp 130-145                  FULL PDF

13. Challenges and opportunities for improving quality in teaching and learning at higher educational institutions

Author(s)- Edwin Christopher. S pp 146-152                    FULL PDF

14. Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: Evidence from Nigerian manufacturing sector

Author(s)- Enahoro John. A et al pp 153-162                   FULL PDF

15. Impact of mergers on firm’s performance: An analysis of the Indian telecom industry

Author(s)- Neha Verma, Rahul Sharma pp 163-175               FULL PDF

16. Opportunity analysis of an Intelligent Project Based Organization Model (IPBOM) for Moroccan project based organizations application to engineering sector

Author(s)- Alami Marrouni Oussama et al pp 176-196                     FULL PDF

17. A comparative analysis of factors affecting faculty’s’ intention to stay at Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) and GGSIP University affiliate MBA institutions

Author(s)- Malati. N et al pp 197-207                   FULL PDF

18. Predicting earning management using RBF, ICA, and SVM in firms listed in Tehran security exchange

Author(s)- Mohammad Esmaeil Ezazi et al pp 208-220               FULL PDF

19. A study of customer perception on service quality of online tourism companies

Author(s)- Nidhi Phutela, Hirak Dasgupta pp 221-231                       FULL PDF