VOLUME 2, NO 2 - 2016 - November issue


1. The impact of budgeting on the performance: A case study of Maha Cements

Author(s)- Aruna Polisetty  pp 98- 103                                Full PDF

2. IPO Pricing – Evidence from Indian Capital Market

Author(s)- Amit Hedau  pp 104- 114                                  Full PDF

3. Network and its impact on product quality/performance: The case of pangasius farmer in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

Author(s)- Tu Van Binh  pp 115- 128                            Full PDF

4. Impact of micro finance in formation of economic and social capital among beneficiaries of self-help groups in Kamrup District of North Eastern India

Author(s)- Rinalini Pathak Kakati, Babita Saikia  pp 129- 139                        Full PDF

5. Tourist decision making: Exploring the destination choice criteria

Author(s)- Kirti Singh Dahiya and Dharminder Kumar Batra pp 140- 153                        Full PDF

6. The effect of emotional intelligence on organizational citizenship Behavior

Author(s)- Kanimozhi Narayanan pp 154- 169                    Full PDF

7. Top level manager: Skills, functions, tasks, approaches, responsibilities and Roles

Author(s)- Johnson Stanley, Rashmi Karolin Y pp 170- 178                      Full PDF

8. Retail investors’ investment behaviour and their income- an analytical Study of Indian equity market

Author(s)- Charles A, Kasilingam R pp 179- 188                         Full PDF

9. The role of stealth marketing strategy to manipulate teenagers

Author(s)- Veena Tripathi pp 189- 199                                               Full PDF