VOLUME 2, NO 1 - 2016 - August issue


1. Determining factors affecting job satisfaction among university teachers: A comparative study of public and private universities in India

Author(s)- Geetha Iyer and Dimple Pandey pp 1- 24                             Full PDF

2. Is Promotion and transfer helps to Employee’s Job Satisfaction? An Empirical Study at BSNL with special reference in three different SSAs using modeling

Author(s)- Gopinath R pp 25- 33                                          Full PDF

3. Foreign direct investment activities of small and medium sized enterprises, the links between China and Canada: A preliminary study

Author(s)- Kenneth A Grant, Yubin Bai and Fei Yuan pp 34- 51                                 Full PDF

4. Balanced scorecard and performance management system: A study of four Indian small and medium size enterprises

Author(s)- Ratnavali R, Sreenivasa Murthy S  pp 52- 66                                Full PDF

5. Bilateral trade agreement between India and ASEAN Country

Author(s)- Shalini Trivedi, Aakash Vaish  pp 67- 79                      Full PDF

6. Sustainable lifestyle: An exploration of green consumers among urban and rural area

Author(s)- Shalini Trivedi, Aakash Vaish  pp 80- 91                          Full PDF

7. Adventure tourism in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Author(s)- Rajamohan S, Indu Dung Dung  pp 92- 97                             Full PDF