VOLUME 1, NO 2 - 2015 - November issue


1. Microfinance through self help group as catalyst for poverty reduction and women empowerment

Author(s)- Vasantha pp 243- 257                        Full PDF

2. Effective cultural traits on economic indicators and business communications growth in GLOBE studied Asian countries (with an emphasis on Iran)

Author(s)- Saeideh Babajani Mohammadi et al pp 258- 271                Full PDF

3. Unique selling proposition in sales of life insurance– A key to success

Author(s)- Sanjay Sinha pp 272- 285                   Full PDF

4. Understanding changing buying behavior towards FMCG segment in different retail format: A Study of Jammu region

Author(s)- Vinay Kesar, Vivek Sharma pp 286- 298                      Full PDF

5. Performance as the 5thP of marketing mix

Author(s)- Umer Ibni Assad pp 299- 303                     Full PDF

6. An analysis of retail investor’s perception towards mutual funds

Author(s)- Siby Joseph K, Joseph M.A pp 304- 317              Full PDF

7. Human resource problems in the organization- Explaining case studies

Author(s)- Puja Bansal pp 318- 329                    Full PDF

8. Using the caf model for amelioraton of service quality in Moroccan public administration

Author(s)- Ellamrani Benhanana, Souad Houfaidi pp 330- 343                     Full PDF

9. The church and cultural Ostracisation in Ghana

Author(s)- Confidence Worlanyo Bansah pp 344- 353                 Full PDF

10. The container traffic performance at major ports in India

Author(s)- Beena Puthillath, Jayakumar S pp 354- 367              Full PDF

11. Impact of HR practices on perceived employee performance

Author(s)- Babu Michael et al pp 368- 378               Full PDF

12. Survey on the use of supply chain related information technologies in Moroccan  context

Author(s)- Abdelkhak Nakabi et al pp 379- 394             Full PDF

13. Quality of work life (An empirical study of KNIT, Sultanpur)

Author(s)- Archana Pandey, Jha B.K pp 395- 407                     Full PDF

14. How do insurer specific indicators and macroeconomic factors affect the profitability of insurance business? A panel data analysis on  the Philippine Non-life Insurance market

Author(s)- Niño Datu pp 408- 416                   Full PDF

15. Beyond the bond: Psychological contracts in Indian startups

Author(s)- Rajat Kumar Sharma et al pp 417- 428                  Full PDF

16. Impact of foreign direct investment on Indian small retailers

Author(s)- Nupur Goel, Ashwani Mahajan pp 429- 438                 Full PDF

17. Perceptions of West African monetary union (UEMOA) Consumers toward Islamic finance

Author(s)- Aboudou Maman Tachiwou pp 439- 448                 Full PDF

18. The marriage between strategic human resource management and firm performance, the journey to everlasting love

Author(s)- Leap-Han Loo, Loo-See Beh pp 449- 462                Full PDF