VOLUME 1, NO 1 - 2015


1. Importance of employability skills in information technology multinational corporations

Author(s)- Anjani Srikanth Koka, Meenakshi Raman pp 1- 9                              Full PDF

2. Marketing strategy of the marine engine in the Taiwan-China transportation market

Author(s)- Chin-Chiuan Lin et al pp 10- 15               Full PDF

3. Impact of brand loyalty on buying behavior of women consumers with respect to make-up cosmetics in Pune city*

Author(s)- Mukta Srivastava pp 16- 28                     Full PDF

 Revisiting the strategic management process through the levels of strategy analysis

Author(s)- Reuben Maino Daniel pp 29- 34                    Full PDF

5. Relationship between ethical atmosphere at workplace and job satisfaction

Author(s)- Roopali Awasthi pp 35- 42                            Full PDF

6. Effect of workplace bullying on employee performance in the public sector

Author(s)- Peter Adoko Obicci pp 43- 55                            Full PDF

7. Financial deepening, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic growth

Author(s)- Sharmiladevi J.C pp 56- 62                              Full PDF

8. Cracking the cross cultural code: Barriers and strategies to successful survival in foreign organizations

Author(s)-Surbhi Kapur et al pp 63- 76                               Full PDF

9. Entrepreneurship: A boost to economy An empirical study on entrepreneurial self-efficacy and career intention at an early age

Author(s)- Shikha Chandra and Srilatha.S pp 77- 99                     Full PDF

10. Management education issues, challenges and opportunities in India

Author(s)- Edwin Christopher S pp 100- 110                                  Full PDF

11. Perception of students towards private higher education institution with special reference to Jind District

Author(s)- Amit Kumar Badgujjar Manjeet Kaur pp 111- 123                                        Full PDF

12. Links among service climate, employee satisfaction, service quality and customer satisfaction

Author(s)- Mervat Mohamed Elsaied Morsy pp 124- 140                            Full PDF

13. The impact of social networking media for Management/Engineering institutions’ promotion with special reference to Facebook

Author(s)- Pranjal Muley, Nirmala Joshi pp 141- 148                           Full PDF

14. Employability of Engineering Graduates in IT sector – (A case study of COEP)

Author(s)- Meshram S. A, Devesh Dubey pp 149- 159                         Full PDF

15. Change in consumer behaviour and their effect on the luxury accessory business in India

Author(s)- Anudeep Arora et al pp 160- 166                                Full PDF

16. A comparative study of job satisfaction of private and public banking sector of Delhi and Noida

Author(s)- Charu Dutta, Jeet Singh pp 167- 176                               Full PDF

17. Women, work and stress management- A comparative study of finance and hospitality sectors

Author(s)- Sudha Tiwari, Rashmi Bansal pp 177- 186                                 Full PDF

18. Creating a model to measure entrepreneurial intensity

Author(s)- Kavita Chauhan et al pp 187- 207                                    Full PDF

19. Young manufacturing enterprises in the growth phase located in the Wilaya of Tetouan, Morocco: A model for measurement of the impact of quality on their growth

 Mohamed Ben Ali et al pp 208- 222                                     
Full PDF

20. Evaluation Investment pattern of working women in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad – A study

 Sreelatha Reddy K, Lalitha Narayanan pp 223- 242                             
Full PDF