International Journal of Geomatics




   1. A Novel approach to the Identification of Urban Sprawl Patches based on the Scaling of Geographic Space

Author: Xintao Liu  , Bin Jiang                       DOWNLOAD


    2. An analysis on cyclonic track in the coastal region of Bangladesh

Author: Wahiduzzaman, Md.                            DOWNLOAD


    3. A GIS morphometric analysis of hydrological catchments within Makkah Metropolitan area, Saudi Arabia

Author: Koshak.N , Dawod. G                                 


    4. Groundwater evaluation in KeKeYa groundwater source: Comparison of water balance method and numerical simulation method

Zhou Liling, Xi Wenjuan, He Zhihua                           DOWNLOAD


    5. Preliminary partition of groundwater protection zones by empirical formula method

Xi Wenjuan, Jin Jing, Zhao Jinling                        DOWNLOAD