1. Landslide monitoring by using sensor and wireless technique: a review

- Govind Singh Bhardwaj et. al.,                     Full PDF


2. Deformation of the Jambudwip Island of Sundarban Region, Eastern India

Author(s)- Mridul Das                Full PDF


3. Geostatistics of pollutant gases along high traffic points in Urban Zaria, Nigeria

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4. Quantification of geologic hazard and vulnerability for Chennai city, India

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5. Computing pit excavation volume using Multiple Regression Analysis

Author(s)- Ragab Khalil                     Full PDF


6. Impact of urbanization on land use/land covers change using Geo-spatial techniques

Author(s)- Nitin N. Mundhe, Ravindra G. Jaybhaye               Full PDF


7. Soil erosion vulnerability mapping using remote sensing based MMF rule in parts of Coimbatore
and Tiruppur districts – Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s)- Pandian.M, Kumanan.C.J.                     Full PDF