1. Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater in Chandanpur area of Odisha, India

- Avijit Das et al     Full PDF


2. A neural-evidence pooling approach to predict urban sprawl using multi-temporal remote sensing data

Author(s)- Menaka Chellasamy et al         Full PDF


3. Landuse/Landcover Mapping of Dhansiri (South) River Basin, Assam using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Author(s)- Plabita Barman, Dulal C.Goswami       Full PDF


4. Morphometric characterization of Gayung and Sipu sub-basins of the Subansiri River of the Eastern Himalayas

- Sangita Devi and Dulal C Goswami          Full PDF


5. An assessment of ground water quality of post and pre monsoon in Dharapuram taluk, Tiruppur district 2006 – 12: A GIS based approach
- Mahamad S et al          Full PDF


6. Urban expansion and loss of Agriculture land - A case of Bengaluru city

-  Kavitha A et al                Full PDF