International Journal of Civil Structural Engineering

ISSN: 2666-2833




1. Study on Structural Behaviour of Human Vertebral Column Using Staad

Author(s)- Healtheephan alexis. S   


2. Performance evaluation of protective coatings on angle specimens for corrosion resistance  

Author(s)- R.Siva Chidambaram et al.,   


3. Experimental study on corrosion of transmission line tower foundation and its rehabilitation  

Author(s)- S.Christian Johnson et al.,   


4. Experimental Investigation of RC-Beam Column Joint Strengthening by FPP Wrapping  

Author(s)- N.Vijayalakshmi et al.,   


5. Experimental study on behavior of Retrofitted with FRP wrapped RC Beam-Column Exterior Joints Subjected to cyclic loading

Author(s)- E. Senthil kumar et al.,  


6. Disaster Management: A Global Issue

Author(s)- Senthi Vadivel et al.,   


7. Land Use and Land Cover Mapping – Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Author(s)- Alaguraja .P et al.,   


8. Shear Resistance of High Strength Concrete Beams Without Shear Reinforcement

Author(s)- Sudheer Reddy.L et al.,   


9. Seismic Analysis of Steel Braced Reinforced Concrete Frames

Author(s)- Viswanath K.G et al.,