Vol. 4 No. 2



1. Effect of molarity in geopolymer concrete

Author(s)- Madheswaran C. K et al., DOWNLOAD


2. Effect of using selected industrial waste on compressive and flexural strength of concrete

Author(s)- Ram Joshi     DOWNLOAD


3. Concrete exposed to hot water springs - It’s designing and monitoring post construction performance – A case study

Author(s)-Kachhal Prabhakar et al       DOWNLOAD


4. Pressure settlement characteristics of strip footings on reinforced layered soil

Author(s)- Kumar. A, Ohri. M.L, Bansal. R.K DOWNLOAD


5. Analysis of multi storey building with precast load bearing walls

Author(s)-Chaitanya Kumar J.D, Lute Venkat DOWNLOAD


6. Determination of Eucalyptus grandis boards properties through non-destructive testing

Author(s)-Carrasco, E. V. M et al DOWNLOAD


7. An efficient mathematical modeling based on moment distribution method for plastic analysis of frames

Author(s)-Maryam Daei, Leila Shahryari DOWNLOAD


8. Cube and cylinder compressive strengths of waste plastic fiber reinforced concrete

Author(s)-Nibudey. R.N et al DOWNLOAD


9. Investigation and comparative study of effect of Silica Fume in Cementitious grouts

Author(s)-Shrikrishna A.Dhale, Anant M.Pande DOWNLOAD


10. Effect of adaptive filters and windowing function on bandwidth, directivity and time of digital single beam forming

Author(s)-Chirappanth B Albert, Shashikumar.D DOWNLOAD


11. Space shear wall as an innovative seismic resistant system for structures

Author(s)-Behzad Bayat et al DOWNLOAD