Vol. 4 No. 1



1. Correlation of Sandstone Rock Properties Obtained From Field and Laboratory Tests

Author(s)-Mostafa Abdou, Abdel Naiem Mahmoud DOWNLOAD


2. Structural Behavior of Steel Building with Concentric and Eccentric Bracing: A Comparative Study

Author(s)- Zasiah Tafheem, Shovona Khusru DOWNLOAD


3. Road roughness modelling with clustered data using ANN approach

Author(s)-Amarendra Kumar. Sandra et al., DOWNLOAD


4. Nanoindentation simulation of concrete with various indenter forms and yield strengths

Author(s)-Nasser Asroun, Aissa Asroun DOWNLOAD


5. Strengthening of plain and reinforced concrete plates using fiber reinforced polymer- computational approach

Author(s)-Sri Kalyana Rama. J, Panduranga Rao. B DOWNLOAD


6. Interaction of compression and shear in transversely stiffened web

Author(s)-Pratibha M. Alandkar et al., DOWNLOAD


7. Vibration suppression of steel truss railway bridge using tuned mass dampers

Author(s)-Rakshith. S. Shetty et al., DOWNLOAD


8. Bed configuration on sandy bed channel

Author(s)-Mahgoub. S.E DOWNLOAD


9. Nonlinear analysis of exterior precast beam-column J-Bolt and cleat angle connections

Author(s)-Vidjeapriya. R et al., DOWNLOAD


10. Dynamic response of a space framed structure subjected to blast load

Author(s)- Jayashree.S.M et al., DOWNLOAD