Vol. 3 No. 1 




1. Bond stress characteristics on circular concrete filled steel tubular columns using mineral admixture metakaoline

Author(s)- Radhika. K.S, Baskar. K DOWNLOAD


2. Performance of concrete containing crushed waste concrete exposed to different fire temperatures

Author(s)- Walid Safwat Fahmy et al DOWNLOAD


3. 3-D modeling of soil's unsaturated depth using artificial neural network (Case study of Babol)

Author(s)- Choobbasti.A.J, Shooshpasha.E, Farrokhzad.F DOWNLOAD


4. Seismic Response of Asymmetric Structures with Variable Dampers

Author(s)- Snehal V. Mevada, R. S. Jangid DOWNLOAD


5. Influence of Semirigid joints on fatigue life of steel truss railway bridge

Author(s)- Maansingh Patil, Pandey. A.D DOWNLOAD


6. Shear strength behaviour of mining sand treated with clay and hydrated lime

Author(s)- Thian Siaw Yin, Lee Choon Yong DOWNLOAD


7. Mass distribution of multiple tuned mass dampers for  vibration control of structures

Author(s)- Bandivadekar T.P, Jangid R.S DOWNLOAD


8. Fresh and hardened properties of Polypropylene Fiber Added Self-Consolidating Concrete

Author(s)- Slamet Widodo DOWNLOAD


9. Comparison of design wind speed using Extreme Value Distributions and IS 875 Procedures

Author(s)- Vivekanandan.N DOWNLOAD


10. Finite element modeling of composite steel-concrete beams with external prestressing

Author(s)- Amer M. Ibrahim et al DOWNLOAD


11. Experimental investigation of using slag as an alternative to normal aggregates (coarse and fine) in concrete

Author(s)- Mohammed Nadeem, Arun D. Pofale DOWNLOAD


12. Experimental studies on Shear behaviour of reinforced Geopolymer concrete thin webbed tee beams

Author(s)- Ambily P.S et al DOWNLOAD


13. An experimental approach on Geopolymeric recycled concrete using partial replacement of industrial byproduct

Author(s)- Lohani T.K et al DOWNLOAD


14. Improving skill’s strategies of Indonesian construction labours to have global competitiveness

Author(s)- Henny Pratiwi Adi, Moh Faiqun Ni’am DOWNLOAD


15. Assessment of suitability of existing mix design methods of normal concrete for designing high performance concrete mixes

Author(s)- Popat D. Kumbhar, Pranesh B. Murnal DOWNLOAD


16. Effect of synthesizing parameters on workability and compressive strength of Fly ash based Geopolymer mortar

Author(s)- Anupam Bhowmick, Somnath Ghosh DOWNLOAD


17. Diagnostic analysis of an irrigation command by satellite Remote Sensing: Case study of Mehasana district command of Sabarmati right bank main canal, North Gujarat, India

Author(s)-Samta Shah, H.J.Dalwadi DOWNLOAD


18. Effect of aspect ratio on transverse displacements for orthotropic and two layer laminated plates subjected to non-linear thermal loads and mechanical loads

Author(s)- Yuwaraj M. Ghugal, Sanjay K. Kulkarni DOWNLOAD


19. Sensitivity analysis of multi parameter mathematical model in reinforced concrete construction

Author(s)- Satya Prakash Mishra, Parbat D.K DOWNLOAD


20. Evaluation of Geopolymer properties with temperature imposed on activator prior mixing with fly ash

Author(s)- Debabrata Dutta et al DOWNLOAD


21. Influence of diagonal braces in RCC multi-storied frames under wind loads:A case study

Author(s)- Suresh P et al DOWNLOAD


22. Palm biodiesel contaminated sand-steel interface testing with direct simple shear apparatus

Author(s)- Sim Yue Ling, Lee Choon Yong DOWNLOAD


23. Safety check of existing dam against altered seismic hazard conditions

Author(s)- Gaurav Verma et al DOWNLOAD


24. The new Steel-CFRP composite specimen (CFRP laminates sandwiched between two steel strips) and its behaviour under Uniaxial tension

Author(s)- Faris Abbas Jawad Uriayer  DOWNLOAD


25. Scour depth downstream weir with openings    

Author(s)- Sobeih M. F DOWNLOAD