Vol. 2 No. 2




1.A comparative study of Bamboo reinforced concrete beams using different stirrup materials for rural construction

Author(s)-Adom-Asamoah Mark et. al., DOWNLOAD


2.Development of Cement Grout mixes for treatment of underground cavities in Kuwait

Author(s)-Kamal H et. al., DOWNLOAD


3.Mechanical Properties for High Performance Concrete Exposed to High Temperature

Author(s)-Saeed Ahmed Al.Sheikh DOWNLOAD


4.Analysis of Flanged Shear Wall Using Ansys Concrete Model

Author(s)-Greeshma  S et. al., DOWNLOAD


5.A study on characterization and use of Pond Ash as fine aggregate in Concrete

Author(s)-Arumugam K et. al., DOWNLOAD


6.Effect of Nano- Flyash on Strength of Concrete

Author(s)-Prince Arulraj.G et. al., DOWNLOAD


7.Performance of steel fiber on standard strength concrete in compression

Author(s)-Prashant Y.Pawade et. al., DOWNLOAD


8.Solution of Shear Wall Location in Multi-Storey Building

Author(s)-Anshuman.S et. al., DOWNLOAD


9.Experimental study on Cold Bonded Fly Ash Aggregates 

Author(s)-Priyadharshini.P et. al., DOWNLOAD


10.Fuzzy Risk Analysis Model for Construction Projects

Author(s)-Pejman Rezakhani DOWNLOAD


11.Investigation of Culvert Settlement in Hyrcanian Forest Roads

Author(s)-Mehran Nasiri DOWNLOAD


12.Seismic soil-structure interaction of buildings on hill slopes

Author(s)-Pandey A.D et. al., DOWNLOAD


13.Experimental study on the behaviour of concrete one way slabs reinforced with GFRP reinforcements

under constant and variable amplitude repeated loadings

 Author(s)-Sivagamasundari.R et. al., DOWNLOAD


14.Theoretical study on the behaviour of Rectangular Concrete Beams reinforced internally with GFRP reinforcements under pure torsion

 Author(s)-Prabaghar.A et. al., DOWNLOAD


15.Modeling and analysis of a three spanned concrete Deck girder bridge under seismic loading

 Author(s)-Zasiah Tafheem et. al., DOWNLOAD


16.ANN model for predicting CBR from index properties of soils

Author(s)-Venkatasubramanian.C et. al., DOWNLOAD


17.Cold formed steel joints and structures -A review

Author(s)-Bayan A et. al., DOWNLOAD


18.Analysis of High Temperature Stability and Water Stability of SMA Mixture using Orthogonal Experiments

Author(s)-Dang Van Thanh et. al., DOWNLOAD


19.Balancing reservoir based approach for solution to pressure deficient water distribution networks

Author(s)-Suribabu C.R et. al., DOWNLOAD


20.Experimental study on ductility emphasizing size effect for plain and Retrofitted Beam-Column joint under cyclic loading

Author(s)-Choudhury.A.M DOWNLOAD


21.Assessment of groundwater quality based on Principal Component Analysis method

Author(s)-JIN Jing et. al., DOWNLOAD



23.Groundwater investigation around Nabajyotivihar, Jatni, Bhubaneswar by vertical electrical sounding

Author(s)-Lohani T. K et. al., DOWNLOAD