Vol. 2 No. 1




1.Influence of structural and soil parameters on Mat deflection

Author(s)-Imam et. al.,                           DOWNLOAD


2.Topology optimization of cylindrical shells for various support conditions

Author(s)-Mallika. A et. al.,                                  DOWNLOAD


3.A parametric study of RC moment resisting frames at joint level by investigating Moment -Curvature relations

Author(s)-Sifat Sharmeen Muin                                      DOWNLOAD


4.Experimental investigation on ultra high strength concrete containing mineral admixtures under different curing conditions

Author(s)-Arunachalam.K et. al.,    DOWNLOAD


5.Influence of Silica fume in enhancement of compressive strength, flexural strength of steel fibers concrete and their relationship

Author(s)-Pawade Prashant.Y et. al.,                   DOWNLOAD


6.A survey of methods and techniques used for Seismic retrofitting of RC buildings

Author(s)-Vijayakumar. A et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


7.Use of carbon fiber laminates for strengthening reinforced concrete beams in bending 

Author(s)-Habibur Rahman Sobuz et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


8.Comparison of various shear deformation theories for the free vibration of thick isotropic beams

Author(s)-Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad              DOWNLOAD


9.Parametric study on Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis on flexural behaviour of RC beams using ANSYS

Author(s)-Vasudevan.G et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


10.Effective truss supporting technique to replace damage column of  frame structure building

Author(s)-Hassan. M.K et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


11.Strengthening and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete beams with opening

Author(s)-Subhajit Mondal et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


12.Flexural behaviour of reinforced Geopolymer concrete beams

Author(s)-Dattatreya J K et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


13.Seismic Resistance of Exterior Beam Column Joint with Diagonal Collar Stirrups

Author(s)-Bindhu K.R et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


14.Soil structure interaction analysis methods - State of art-Review

Author(s)-Siddharth G. Shah et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


15.Response of hydrological factors and relationships between runoff and sediment yield in the Sub Basin of Satluj River, Western Himalaya, India

Author(s)-Vishal Singh et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


16.Effect of replacement of Cement by Microsilica - 600 on the properties of Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced (WPFRC) Concrete - An experimental investigation

Author(s)-Prahallada M.C et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


17.Stress-Strain characteristics of flexible pavement using Finite Element Analysis

Author(s)-Rahman M.T. et. al.,  DOWNLOAD


18.Numerical investigations of Coandă lift on a double curvature super circulated ramp

Author(s)-Valeriu DRĂGAN  DOWNLOAD


19.Dynamic nonlinear behavior of fixed offshore jacket piles 



20.Reusing dredged marine clay by solidification with steel slag: A study of Compressive strength

Author(s)-Chee-Ming Chan et. al., DOWNLOAD


21.Performance of Non-Linear Elastomeric Base-Isolated building structure

Author(s)-Gomase O.P et. al., DOWNLOAD


22.Direct compressive strength and Elastic modulus of recycled aggregate

Author(s)-Gupta Arundeb et. al., DOWNLOAD


23.Formulating building response to Earthquake loading

Author(s)-Mohammed S. Al-Ansari DOWNLOAD


24.Strength and behaviour of Fly Ash based Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Composite

Author(s)-Saravana Raja Mohan.K et. al., DOWNLOAD


25.A novel hierarchical data management structure to improve energy efficiency in oil refineries

Author(s)-M.Rabbani et. al., DOWNLOAD


26.An economic comparison of Direct displacement based Design with IS-1893 Response Spectrum method for R.C. Frame Buildings

Author(s)-Sunil S. Mayengbam et. al., DOWNLOAD


27.A study on chemical analysis of drinking water from some communities in  Nandyal  rural areas of Kurnool district ,Andhra pradesh, India

Author(s)-Mohemmad Rafi.K et. al., DOWNLOAD


28.Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beams with opening

Author(s)-Subhajit Mondal et. al., DOWNLOAD


29.Cost effectiveness of clayey soil & moorum, treated with fly ash-lime for construction of low volume roads

Author(s)-Niroj Kumar Mishra et. al., DOWNLOAD


30.Effect of plastic waste content on Physico-Mechanical properties of flexible pavements

Author(s)-Konin A DOWNLOAD


31.Structural performance of Eccentrically loaded GFRP Reinforced concrete

Author(s)-Issa, M. S DOWNLOAD