Vol. 1 No. 1 (January-June, 2015)



1. Performance of reinforced beam strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheet at elevated temperatures

Author(s)- Vikram P. Desurkar, Kishor S. Kulkarni      DOWNLOAD


2. Analyzing the effect of foundation inhomogeneity on the seismic response of gravity dams

Author(s)- Joshi S.G, Gupta I.D, Murnal P.B                     DOWNLOAD


3.Effect of rice husk ash and plastic fibers on concrete strength

Author(s)- Ankur, Varinder Singh, Ravi Kant Pareek                  DOWNLOAD


4. Utilization of fly ash and cow dung ash as partial replacement of cement in concrete

Author(s)- Jitender Kumar Dhaka, Surendra Roy                 DOWNLOAD


5. Seismic performance assessment of masonry infilled reinforced concrete (RC) frame structures

Author(s)- Khubaib Ilyas Khan M, Saim Raza                    DOWNLOAD


6. Experimental study and rotational capacity of steel beams with web openings

Author(s)- Morkhade S.G, Gupta L.M                             DOWNLOAD


7. Enhancing the behaviour of FRP RC Slabs using square FRP bars and Fiber Concrete

Author(s)- Ahmed H. Ali et al                         DOWNLOAD


8. Experimental evaluation of the effects of partial replacement of coarse aggregate with Graded

Palm Kernel Shell in Asphaltic Wearing Course

Author(s)- Adewale Olutaiwo, Abah, Uwakwe Raymond                       DOWNLOAD


9. Assessment of Construction Errors in Reinforced Concrete Beams

- Afunanya, J.E.                                 DOWNLOAD