International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research

1.16s rDNA Based Identification of Bacteria in the Organophosphates Treated Agricultural Soil

Authors: Nazia. S. Sultan et al.,             Full PDF

2.Studies on the groundwater quality from six villages of Hatkanangale Taluka, Kolhapur district 

 Authors: Priya P. Loni et al.,          Full PDF

3.Properties of Some Euler Graphs Constructed from Euler Diagram 

 Authors: Rongdeep Pathak et al.,             Full PDF

4.A Stochastic Modelling Technique for Predicting Groundwater Table Fluctuations with Time Series Analysis 

 Authors: Sajal Kumar Adhikary et al.,         Full PDF

5.Micro Structural Aspects of Aluminium Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite 

 Authors: C.Neelima Devi et al.,          Full PDF

6.Euler Lagrange based Solution for Image Processing  

  Authors: Asha Ashok et al.,                Full PDF

7.The transportation of petroleum Products by sea and the environmental challenge 

 Authors: Brahim Idelhakkar et al.,            Full PDF

8.Fracture analysis of Carbon-epoxy dual jacketed pressure vessels 

  Authors: K.V.S. Seshendra Kumar             Full PDF

9.Novel method to synthesize and characterize Zinc Sulfide nanoparticles 

  Authors: Yesu Thangam Y et al.,          Full PDF

10.Heat Transfer Characteristics of Horizontal Cylinder Cooling Under Single Impinging Water Jet 

 Authors: M. M. Abo El-Nasr et al.,           Full PDF